After Galaxy Note 7, Apple MacBook Pro With Faulty Batteries Banned From Flights

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After Galaxy Note 7, Apple MacBook Pro With Faulty Batteries Banned From Flights

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Earlier this year, Apple had recalled the MacBook Pro models that were sold between the period of September 2015 and February 2017. The reason for the recall was to replace batteries on the notebook computers which were susceptible to catching fire without any obvious stimuli. 

To resort the issue, Apple has offered battery replacements for the affected machines without an additional cost. In spite of that, flight regulatory bodies from across the globe have taken some strict decision against these computers.

Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook Pro

The US airline safety regulators have decided to bar them to be carried on board as they could pose a fire risk. In addition, four European airlines with cargo operations managed by Total Cargo Expertise that includes TUI Group Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, Air Italy, and Air Transat have implemented a similar ban. 

Besides, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency had issued a similar warning earlier this month. The warning which was addressed to airlines in the region asked them to keep Apple Macbook Pro laptops with replaced batteries to be kept switched off and not used during flights. 

Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook

Though, it is not the first time that a device with a lithium-ion battery is under the radar of such official bodies. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from the year 2016 also had a tendency to catch fire and the device was barred from airlines worldwide.

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The flight regulatory body in India has not published any instructions about faulty Apple computers. But it is soon expected to examine the case and give out necessary instructions to airlines in the country. 

Do you think devices that have their batteries replaced, still pose a security threat or they should be granted permission to be taken on board? Let us know in the comments below.

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