Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5 Review

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Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5 Review

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Since the beginning of the smartphones, as a matter of fact, since the beginning of mobile phones, we have been finding ways to have our handhelds resist the elements. While technology has come a long way, there are always restrictions when it comes to water resistant and dust proof designs. The Hitcase Pro for the iPhone 5 aims to achieve that with a design that does not stall the daily usability of the iPhone 5. 

Build Quality

The Hitcase Pro is very well built, to say the least. The moment you go hands on with this case, you don’t feel like you have lost your iPhone in a big pit of protection. Designed keeping the Go Pro in mind, the case has a very strong railside mount, you also have a metal engulfed wide angled lens that unfortunately is very prone to scratching. 

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The case is built from a composite of ABS and Polycarbonate and is layered with a rubberized coating all around that not only keeps the case clean but also provides ample grip. The case locks in from three sides, almost like a food box, but seals the phone completely to the point where you don’t feel afraid dunking it in water. The H-Seal on the inside of the case is made out of Poron and should last a really long time.



The Hitcase Pro not only protects the iPhone when you go into water or sand, it also retains the usability of the iPhone 5. The Hitcase Pro also features a great 170 degree 3 X Wide angle lens that is an absolute treat for photographers. The lens also allows close up shots upto 3X and makes focusing on subjects really easy. 

The Lens also adds a Go-Pro Style video effect to the video – where you get a wide angle video frame, that captures a lot more in the same 16:9 aspect ratio. 

The free app called Vidometer, captures GPS tracking info along with speed, G force, altitude and angle of approach and displays it directly on the video. This can come in handy when you look at your footage later on. 


The Hitcase Pro can be used 33 ft/10 Meters underwater thanks to the IP68 rating. The railside mount allows you to use the Hitcase Pro with all sorts of Go Pro mounts and gear. The Included TiltR and StickR mounts also help those who have no Go Pro mounts. A Wrist strap also ensures the safety of your phone and case when you are at great heights and decide to hold onto the case vs mounting it.

The only downside to the case, is that the microphone gets really muffled up taking phone calls becomes slightly difficult as you will find yourself screaming to the person on the other side. 

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Despite the availability of several cases for the iPhone 5 in the Market, the HitCase Pro for the iPhone 5 is easily the most robust design. It allows the use of the phone while being packaged in a Waterproof and Dustproof cage. Whats more, the 170-degree wide angle lens and Railside mounts make the use of the case in extreme/ adventure sports very easy. Allowing you to use your iPhone as the primary camera, will almost replace the need for a dedicated rugged camera for a lot of folks. If the speaker and Microphone volume levels are something you can deal with, The Hitcase Pro is the best action case for the iPhone 5

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