Review: NudeAudio’s NUDE Move M

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Review: NudeAudio’s NUDE Move M

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The NUDE Move M is a sexy looking portable speaker. The tiny red sliver of branding over the completely black surface stands out. We definitely love the red harness rope provided with the speakers; they both look as if they are meant for each other. The tiny rope also secures it during a pool party, so you can hang it safely away from your drunken friends who may take it to its untimely demise in the water.

So we got around to play with the speaker and did a thorough review of the speakers for you. Here is what we thought about the NudeAudio Nude Move M Bluetooth Portable Speaker.

Nude Audio 2

The minimalistic design elements of the Nude M make it stand out


Build quality:

The Nude M follows a minimalistic but rugged design philosophy. The only inputs available on the device are an On/Off button, volume up and down and the Bluetooth enable/disable button. The device is quite sturdy and safe, thanks to the giant rubber that covers all its corners. The rubber cover is also removable for cleaning purposes. The device offers support for auxiliary input, micro USB for charging and Bluetooth for calls and music. Nude M is really easy to connect to the phone through Bluetooth. We especially admire the cute little power and Bluetooth notification lights.


Apart from listening to music, the Nude M can also act as a speakerphone and works good for conference calls, though sometimes the receiver may not get a clear sound on the other side. The range of the Bluetooth though, calls for a tad bit of criticism.


The Nude M’s battery gives a decent output. You can easily expect 6-8 hours of backup, so you can do easily plan an all-nighter without any worries of losing the groove.

The notification lights stand out on the black exteriors

The notification lights stand out on the black exteriors

Sound Quality:

Well this is the main criteria to judge the speakers and there isn’t a lot that disappoints, but we were left asking for more. The device is bass rounded so the sound is a bit echo heavy. Hip-Hop, House EDM’s and other bass heavy tracks sound great on the speakers but the  output of genres like Classical, Jazz and Rock could have been better. Though the speaker is pretty loud, we compared it to the speakers lying in our office and some of the cheaper models gave louder sound output than the Nude Move M.


The Nude Move M is an impressive little device which is also flaunt worthy because of its beautiful minimalistic design. Its great for folks who like tracks with a good amount of bass. So if you are looking for style points with some utility features, the Nude M can be your choice.

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