Finnish Smartphone Company Jolla Enters India With Snapdeal

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Finnish Smartphone Company Jolla Enters India With Snapdeal

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Today began with a sad news. The last remnants of Nokia will be shredded in the coming months with Microsoft pulling the plug on Nokia X. This Finnish giant had ruled the mobile market during its formative years, and now it is a chapter for the history books. But if you thought that it was the end of Finland’s involvement in the Indian mobile market then you have to think twice. Another Finnish company, Jolla is all set to make an entry into India.

Jolla Phones run on Sailfish OS which wont take long to get used to

Jolla Phones run on Sailfish OS which wont take long to get used to.

Jolla markets phones running on the Sailfish OS. Jolla (Ok, it’s actually pronounced as Yolla), has signed an exclusive partnership with to market their products in India.

The Sailfish OS has evolved from Nokia backed OS, Meego. Guess some legacy of Nokia will still be around apart from, of course, the Nokia 3310 which is known to survive stellar supernovas. The Sailfish OS is unique in the sense of its gesture heavy interface. Multiple functions on the phone can be targeted through interactive gestures. The learning curve is minimal if you have some smartphone experience. The best part, Sailfish is compatible with Android applications which will definitely make it desirable for many enthusiasts.

The sharp design looks good on the phones.

The sharp design features looks good on the phones.

Jolla’s co-founder and CEO Sami Pienimäki said that there had been a lot of interest in India concerning Jolla phones, and that’s why they landed here. It is a good alternative for people looking for a different user experience in comparison to devices flooded in the market.

Meanwhile the co-founder and CEO of Snapdeal, Kunal Bahl commented on the deal saying “The market in India offers few choices in terms of mobile operating systems. Jolla with its innovative Sailfish OS introduces an entirely new user experience to consumers. Jolla offers a unique smartphone experience both in terms of hardware and software. We look forward to a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship.”

There are multiple back panel options too.

There are multiple back panel options too.

India’s mobile market is currently bustling with some youthful energy with multiple companies trying to impress Indians with their products. In the past few months some major international manufacturers like Asus, Xiaomi and some smaller ones like Obi have entered India.

With Jolla also coming into the fray, Indian consumers will have a good number of option to choose. In times of heavy price rises, a healthy competition in the mobile segment can be in favor of the consumers. The phones will be available for purchase within a month.

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