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LG G3 Review

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Phone and Networks

The phone call capability is reassured with the use go 4G networks out of the box, the phone is 4G LTE enabled from the get go and will work on Indian networks without any hurdles. In fact when your network provider properly switches to 4G (in like never months) your handset will be ready to go.

Audio is crisp at both ends and noise reduction is one of the best in this class competing with the HTC One M8 and the iPhone 5s for brownie points, which the LG G3 gets a lot of by the way.

Little or no call drops were faced due to the handset, and signal strength seems stronger than most comparable devices, providing a tad bit better reception on the handset. Something, which can go a long way in a infrastructure deficient country like ours.

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Android and Usage

The G3 comes with Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box with a much improved version of the previously “Optimus UI”. The user interface has matured a lot and looks exceptionally good on the beautiful 2K display. LG has added really useful utilities into their Ui including an excellent quick notice feature called smart tips, that sort of works like Google Now cards but lives on the home screen of your phone.

LG has always had beautiful non-intrusive text alerts and quick reply options, that have been refined further with the new user interface. The overall UI is very simplistic and easy to get used to, but also remains customisable and tweak-able to a good extent. An example of which is the changeable Android navigation button layout at the bottom.


One of the biggest factors worrying us were the battery issues that may arise from a high resolution display. The 2k display in theory should consume massive amounts of battery life, but it does not. LG has managed to work out the display in a beautiful manner that it does not over consume the battery. Another great thing is the inclusion of a removable battery, for those who are on the go, a spare battery can come in handy, although one would ask where to buy this spare?

The phone does warn you when the device gets super hot and many have seen this warning telling users to keep the display at a low, or forcibly making the display dim in order to cool down the G3. We personally have not faced this issue.

Talk Time : 6 Hours (3G Network)

Standby : 72 Hours

Recharge Frequency : 1 Day (Avg)

Internet and browsing : 5-6 hours on Data / 8 Hours on Wifi

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The LG G3 is a marvellous gem, the most future ready phone available today. The display is simply gorgeous and the phone is quite a looker overall. With a gold variant available to satiate most of our buyers, the G3 has been priced quite right for the market.

LG may have a real winner here, the G3 is the way a flagship should be, the way flagships have been. Bolder, different and feature rich, yet practical and easy to use. LG has found the right mix with the build quality and design and overall feature set. The camera focus does work as advertised, in all honesty LG may not be banking on their features enough. The 2K display is gorgeous and works great and despite all this features the battery works better than expected.

This might be the best flagship of 2014 yet, however, if 2k is not your game, our upcoming HTC One E8 review might be the one to look out for.

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  • Beautiful Looks
  • Excellent Display
  • Quick Focus Camera
  • User Interface and Software
  • Expandable Storage
  • Replaceable Battery


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  • 2K Display is Known to Heat Up
  • Nothing Else Really


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