Next Generation Reversible Type-C USB Ports Ready to Hit the Market

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Next Generation Reversible Type-C USB Ports Ready to Hit the Market

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Universal Serial Buses (USB’s) have changed the way we interact with our computing devices. Before their massive use, computer peripherals had different sockets for each kind. With the advent of the USB, it all changed, and we had the luxury of multiple devices following similar connection protocols. The USB was capable of taking care of almost all the gizmos we wanted to connect to our computers and gave birth to a whole new market of USB devices.

Fast forward to the mobile revolution. The mobile ecosystem got a major boost, first from the mini USB and then from micro USB, which virtually replaced all other propriety connectors. The standard micro USB gave immense convenience to folks who could just juice up their devices using their friends chargers instead of finding the adapter made for their phone.

Being reversible Type-C will be lot more convenient than the present USB

The reversible Type-C will be a lot more convenient than the present USB

The new Type-C USB intends to take convenience to the next level. Its makers say that they’ve completed work on this innovation and this USB can be incorporated in mobiles as well as bigger devices. The shining glory of Type-C is its reversibility. Which means that you don’t have to keep turning the USB around till the planets align in the exact positions for it to go into the slot.

The only issue with this next generation USB is that it can’t directly function with the older design. But the problem can be easily fixed using adapters. And the folks who now grumble that it’ll take long to integrate this new USB into devices, just remember the times when every company had their own propriety connector. When the market demanded a standard cable, all these companies had to oblige and then the micro USB became a standard across almost all devices. The connectors are also capable of 10 Gbps of bandwidth so they’ll definitely be welcomed by the users. The technical details of the Type-C USB will be unveiled soon.

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