Expert Believes ‘Digital India’ Plan Flawed, Needs a Practical Cyber Security Policy

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Expert Believes ‘Digital India’ Plan Flawed, Needs a Practical Cyber Security Policy

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The present Indian government has put particular focus on the communication infrastructure of the country. The focus is especially on making India a powerful force in the digital era. It envisions mobile connectivity for every Indian and developing the nation through an e-governance system. The Digital India program is the most visible action plan by the government. But experts are asking the Indian authorities to take a breather and first work out a clear strategy for cyber security.

Cyber Security is an important element of a communication infrastructure. It is not just necessary to establish these protocols but to enforce them as well. Currently, according to the Director of the cyber warfare program at the Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies, Mr Gabi Siboni, the strategy arena is where India is lacking. This was reported by Economic Times.

According to Mr. Siboni, the paper published by the Indian government released last year on the subject lacked clear direction. The paper envisions a huge infrastructure that would employ over 5 lakh professionals trained in cyber security to protect the national interests in 5 years. But the paper doesn’t mention how these professionals will be acquired or trained.

The report points out that there has been a heavy increase in the number of cyber security attacks on this country’s institutions. According to data gained from the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERTIn), the attacks have increased to a massive 62,189 until May this year from a meagre 23 reported incidents in 2004. This has also increased the costs to businesses whose infrastructure is targeted through such attacks.

Mr. Siboni has pointed out that currently the attackers are way ahead of the defenders. So it’s absolutely necessary to define the minimal defence strategy for civilian, business and government security. There is no fool-proof way of securing the cyber arena but if you have a clear strategy to deal with them, you can repel these attacks to a certain extent. We hope the Indian authorities are taking notice.

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