Sony Reportedly Shifting its Focus to PlayStation From TVs and Smartphones

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Sony Reportedly Shifting its Focus to PlayStation From TVs and Smartphones

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According to recent reports, Sony is in the process of shrinking down its TV and smartphone business to focus more on gaming consoles. With PS4 sales reaching a 13.5 million milestone, it’s apparently the only division that is generating profits for the company. Following a recent forecast that predicts 30 percent downfall in Sony’s mobile division by next spring, the Japanese giant is now making the PlayStation brand its utmost priority.

A recent report from Reuters revealed that Sony has devised a 3-year plan for a shift that will focus primarily to boost the sales of PlayStation division by 25 percent, while reducing support for its mobile and television divisions. Thanks to the PS4, the company has generated a $265 million profit which compensated for the loss from its television and mobile business.

The Japanese electronics giant has been posting yearly losses that have eventually resulted in the fall of its share price. The PlayStation 4 sales have been so strong that despite facing losses in other divisions, the company’s revenue grew by 7.2 percent. Let’s see how beneficial will this step be for the company.

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