GizmoPal Wearable Allows Kids to Call their Parents with One Button

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GizmoPal Wearable Allows Kids to Call their Parents with One Button

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Well, why should adults have access to all the new gadgets that are changing the way we live and do our work. That’s what LG thinks, and in line with this, LG introduced KizOn in South Korea earlier this year. KizOn is a wearable device for children that makes it easy for them to communicate with their parents.

Now, the toddler-focused wearable is sailing to the west with the launch of GizmoPal (US nomenclature) on Verizon. The GizmoPal is designed for kids anywhere from pre- to middle- school to easily make and receive phone calls using a single calling button and auto-answer feature.


It only requires a pre-configured number setup and, then using a single button, kids can easily make or receive a call. All what the child has to do is press the button to make or answer a call, followed by speaking into GizmoPal and listening through its speaker—no complicated steps that can cause confusion.


[quote text_size=”small” author=”Dr. Jong-seok Park” author_title=”President and CEO of LG Electronics”]

GizmoPal was developed in response to customers’ opinions that technology should be used to improve the lives of all consumers. It occurred to us that children had the most to gain because they’re the most vulnerable.


The GizmoPal also comes with a companion app available for iOS and Android. This app uses GPS to allow parents easily monitor their child’s location at all time. Obviously, it will need Verizon service to work as intended, the fee itself is only $5 per month. The new wearable is available now on the carrier’s site for $80, while it will go on sale from 11th December in physical stores.

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