Here Are 5 Podcatchers You Need to Check Out

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Here Are 5 Podcatchers You Need to Check Out

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Podcasting apps aka podcatchers have become an important part of popular culture. Be it music, fashion, tech or food, you can find millions of podcasts online. The app ecosystem is blessed with a strong selection of podcast apps to choose from, but there are some more worth your time and money than others. The best-in-class examples automatically download and sort the newest episodes of your subscribed podcasts, help manage your subscriptions and also include a variety of other features.

Here are the top 5 of our favorite podcasting apps for iOS and Android devices.

1. Pocket Casts (iOS and Android)

If you are even remotely familiar with podcatchers, you must have heard this name. It has been a crowd-favorite, however, the latest update has risen it to the top. The new update has added amazing mix of style and function in the app. Some of the features that make it the best are cloud sync, a huge library, video support, variable speed playback and unforgettable Chromecast support. It is the only app which provides a widget, full controls in the notification tray, auto download and delete, a sleep timer and OPML import and export support. This one of the best and one of the most full featured podcast apps is available in the app ecosystem. It is available on Android  for Rs. 199 and on iOS for Rs. 250.

2. Instacast (iOS)

It is one of those apps that like to re-invent itself from time to time, which include frequent in-app purchases. However, these updates are quite useful and it’s hard to deny that the Instacast team works continuously to improve the app with each generation. The latest Instacast 5 comes with a redesigned media player with easy swipe access to an episode’s chapters, a Night mode that can be toggled or set to automatically trigger based on time of the day, keyword search tools and more have been added to an already feature-packed podcast app. The app is free, however, there are some important in-app purchases hat better you experience such as previously mentioned night mode.

3. Downcast (iOS)


One of the most critically acclaimed podcast app, this app will provide you a robust online search for podcast subscriptions, auto-downloading and the ability to import and export OMPL podcast feeds help you ensure your podcasts stay up-to-date. The playlist can be customized which lets you tinker and selectively build your playlists on the go, while numerous playback options (such as episode streaming, variable speed playback, video podcast support and more) allow you to play your content however you like. Available on iOS for Rs. 190.

4. Doggcatcher (Android)


This one is for power users. Doggcatcher gives you uncountable number of functions including advanced search, variable playback speeds, auto-downloading, feed customization, auto-cleanup, UI customization and even the ability to run episode diagnostics and send logs to the developer. Although it lacks a bit in user interface but it makes up for everywhere else. essentially, this app will let you do so much  than you could ever want with your podcasts, and constant updates keep it on front row. Doggcatcher also comes with a full 7-day free trial too. Available on Android for Rs. 183 (approx.)

5. AntennaPod (Android)


AntennaPod is essentially a free open-sourced podcatcher. It offers all the basic features you expect from a podcatcher, like streaming and downloading episodes, refreshing all feeds automatically or adding them to a queue to listen to them late. AntennaPod gives you solid podcatcher functionality without costing you a cent. Access to the podcast directory gives you access to a large network of podcasts, while OPML, Atom and RSS support allows users to quickly import their favorite feeds into AntennaPod. Home and lock screen widgets allow users to quickly start, pause and resume playback without having to bring up the full app.

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