Apple Patents Action Camera Designs, Plans to Take on GoPro

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Apple Patents Action Camera Designs, Plans to Take on GoPro

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Apple has pioneered a lot of technological advancements that we giddily enjoy today. Think multiple font faces, personal computers and of course, their sweet smartphone. Having made its entry into the wearables segment last year with the Apple Watch, the Cupertino based giant has now patented a design for an action camera.

Apple will take a direct hit at GoPro with this one. In its patent document, the company calls out GoPro’s HD Hero2 cameras for creating “excessive wind resistance'” while mounted, and being “susceptible to damage” from vibrations.

The design of the camera and accompanying wearble.

The design of the camera and accompanying wearable.

The new camera design is based on the patents that Apple acquired from Kodak in 2013. This camera can be controlled by a smartwatch. The designs indicate a system of multiple camera sensors that assist the device in covering multiple angles and also multiple directions. The device also describes multiple mounting options like the GoPro; it can be used as a handheld camera and can also be mounted on cars, jibs, bikes, etc. So it checks all the requirements to be an action camera and also comes with a wearable remote.

GoPro’s stock saw significant damage after the news of Apple’s patents. According to CNN Money, the stocks of GoPro fell by 10% on Tuesday. But it shouldn’t be a major cause of concern for GoPro, which is still the king of action cameras. Apple, just like any other major corporation, has a history of acquiring patents which rarely make it to the consumer’s hands. But it did manage to generate hype. GoPros phenomenal success has brought in a barrage of new action cameras like HTC Re, Poloroid Cube Mini, Sony HDR-AS20 HD POV Action Cam and others.

We don’t completely discount the chances of an Apple action camera. As the smartphone market and the wearables segment gets more saturated, companies might look at other areas of interest. Apple can also make use of its Apple watch as a controller, thus increasing its functionality.

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