Here’s What You Can Expect From Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ Event

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Here’s What You Can Expect From Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ Event

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Apple will be holding an event today, the 9th of March where it will finally launch its long teased Apple Watch. This is a whole new product segment for Apple, and the industry is waiting to get their hands on the device to see for themselves if it matches the hype.

There might be some hidden surprises at the event, but here’s what you can expect to see:

The Battery Fiasco


The battery has been a cause of concern for the potential consumers. It has been claimed in multiple reports that the Apple Watch might have a dismal battery backup. Some reports even went on to say that the device might just have a battery life for 5 hours of active usage while others said it might run for two-three days on low power mode. Replying to the concerns, Apple Chief, Tim Cook recently said that the Apple Watch will run for a full day, and its charging will be faster than the iPhone. We will finally get to know more details on the battery performance and will also learn how Apple plans on increasing the battery efficiency of the device.

Apps Maketh The Watch

Apple watch Features Design 26

Apple Watch is first of all a smart device, and the smartness of the device depends on the apps it has to offer. During its launch, Apple showed some amazing clock faces including the amazing Astronomy and Disney based watch faces. It also has some unique gesture supports that will make it easy to use and to interact with others.
At present, the apps on the device will work in conjunction with the iPhone apps. The company plans to bring native Watch apps in the future. Apple has already said that the Watch will support Apple Pay, which means the device has NFC so we might also see some NFC-based apps too. Tim Cook has already said that Watch might replace the car keys in the near future.

What’s The Price, Eh?

Apple watch Features Design 6

During the unveiling of the Apple Watch, its price was stated to be $349, which is expected to be the price of the basic variant of the device, the Watch Sport. The price of Apple’s other Watch offering is yet unknown. Apple has also brought the Edition collection of the watch which are made of premium materials such as Rose Gold surface and Sapphire Crystal display. These smartwatches will also come with a multitude of strap and accessory options. Though, for Apple customers, pricing is not a major issue, but this time around they’ll probably be cautious before buying an all new device. Some reports have indicated a price of above $1000 as the average price for the device, which sounds a bit exorbitant. With that hefty a price tag Apple has to make a good case for its product to attract users to its Watch corner.

Hmm… What Else?

New Macbook Air

Apart from the major Apple Watch launch, the Cupertino-based tech giant is also expected to bring out some new upgraded devices in its other product line-up. 9to5mac had reported in January that Apple might be ready to bring a 12 inch-notebook that would probably have a body similar to the current 11-inch MacBook Air. This new device is only expected to hold two ports, a headphone jack and the new C-Type reversible USB port. This new laptop will also do away with the internal fans and the touchpad, so this seems to be one of the usual experiments of Apple for the market whose success can influence future product designs. The lack of ports might disappoint potential buyers, but Apple might just end up introducing a new accessory to address consumer plight.

Apple might also introduce iOS 8.2 with Apple Watch support. This new update will have the new companion app for the Watch and will let you use the device in conjunction with your iOS devices. The new emoji’s, which got the fans excited will only arrive after a few months when Apple brings out the iOS 8.3.

To Conclude

Overall, it’s a show about the new Apple Watch and it is targeted at the customers who have been eagerly waiting to own the companion device for their iPhones. While we know about most of the features of the Watch, Apple will be making its final case before bringing the device out for the customers to try. The smartwatch segment of the market is slowly coming to maturity and with Apple’s addition to the list, all major brands have placed their contenders in the market. We have to wait till next quarter to know how Apple’s latest product segment is received by the public.

Come back to iGyaan to know more about the details of the Apple event on Monday.

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