If Rumours are to be Believed, Then This is the Next Apple iPhone

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If Rumours are to be Believed, Then This is the Next Apple iPhone

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Apple’s future iPhone series has already become a trending topic for all the Apple fanatics around the world, that too, only eight months after the iPhone 6 launch. There are already many speculations and rumours surfacing about the future iPhone such as the design, specifications and features.

No matter how secretive a company is about its next version, they have to issue a list of patents to USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), which in turn provide hints of the features of the next flagship. Here are some key patents that were filed by Apple, let us check them out:

Apple iPhone Sidewall Display


Apple was granted a patent for ‘Electronic devices with sidewall display’ on May 2014.  This patent very well suggests that the next iPhone may have its display screen extended to the edges as well. The patent suggests that the side screen will work as the primary screen extension with touch sensitive portions.


This screen can eliminate the use of traditional physical keys that are used for volume and locking the device. Apple suggests the side display could be used for slide-unlock functionality, music player control, called ID, etc.

Waterproof Design


A patent signed in March 2015 by Apple may allow you to take a bath and use your iPhone without the risk of electrocuting its circuits and without compromising the stylish looks of the device. Apple is working on a new protective coating that can prevent the iPhone from getting damaged from water or any liquid entering beyond the chassis of it.

Flexible iPhone

This patent may very well take the new iPhone over the edge. In January 2015, Apple signed a patent that the company may very well consider the idea of a flexible device. It was written in the patent that by making the iPhone flexible, certain applications could be opened by bending it in a particular way.

Home Button Joystick


Apple signed yet another patent on January 2015, which sounds good for iPhone gamers. This patent describes the Home button of the iPhone with a spring beneath it. The new Home button will be able to be used as a multifunctional button and comes in two modes. One is the standard functionality mode and the other will transform it into a joystick.


In the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we have the finger print scan lock system. But in December 2014, Apple signed a patent that would make your face the password. Yes, in the process of digging deeper into a personal computing device, Apple’s new device in the future, can soon be unlocked using facial recognition.

Camera Patents

Interchangeable Camera Lens:


Apple filed two patents back in January 2014 that could make it possible to change an iPhone’s camera lens, a possibility. One patent read that the device, possibly the next iPhone may have a removable case that would allow camera attachments. The second patent offers an alternative method of attaching new lenses to the iPhone using magnets.

Super Resolution Photos:


Apple signed a patent in May 2014 that would improve picture qualities taken by iPhone at different heights. The patent describes a series of slightly tilted photographs at different angles and stitches them together to create Super-Resolution photographs.

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