Rumours Suggest, Apple Plans to Remove the Home Button on its iPhone

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Rumours Suggest, Apple Plans to Remove the Home Button on its iPhone

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Apple is reportedly working on an iPhone design that will remove the iconic home button. A recent post on the website, AppleInsider, claims that the company is planning to replace the home button with a virtual one. The website also claims that the redesign wouldn’t take place for at least two years and may not be seen in the next version of the iPhone.


Apple has made Touch ID, its fingerprint recognition feature, available on every device launched since iPhone 5s. The company has integrated Touch ID onto many of its services and is developing more uses for it. As a result, it will not ditch the feature in favour of a virtual home button, just yet.

To make the virtual home button possible, Apple is working on integrating Touch ID into the iPhone’s display. According to AppleInsider, patents have been filed which would allow people to scan their fingerprints on the display itself. If the company is successful in integrating Touch ID onto the display, the home button could be replaced by an on-screen button. Until then, Apple’s plan of having a virtual home button remains long-term.

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Tejan Mitra
Tejan Mitra
  • Apoorva Raj Bhadani

    Nice….. Really it takes a good space on phone
    But bad for Apple’s signature design

  • Shubham Kadam

    I dont think thats a cool idea in replacing the iconic home button

  • John Smith

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  • Aman Arora

    agar aisa hua to samsung to jeet gya is ladaayi mein … itne saal se jo case chal rha tha vo ab samsung ke haath mein hoga ….

  • Catt Isturis

    ahaha. sony is alive when your apple iphone is just an idea.

  • Utpal Bhowmik

    ki kos

  • Saddam Hosain

    Don’t do it

  • Karan Jariwala

    Yet again, Apple is copying from Android !!

  • Pacific Boy Tanveer

    Utpal Bhowmik U?h?hhwãš Üç

  • Räj Dhakate


  • Ashish Trivedi

    Xperia is grandson of Apple so beat it.

  • Bilal Ahmed

    Their home button is really sensitive and malfunctions Earlier than any on other phone! Apple sucks no matter what they do! U0001f602

  • Zain Sherazi

    Bilal Ahmed U0001f606 Does it makes any difference? Apple still sucks U0001f611

  • Yashendra Shukla

    Nope. Won’t happen.

  • Tajul Abedin

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  • RavaniDeepPatel

    I Think John Ive Is Making The Design More Complicated — Which Sucks in iphone 6 plus on Bend Test …What After Implimenting Home Button Into Display ?. Does This Makes iphones Flop on The release

  • Gaurav Pandey

    i think they should remove the phone and call it revolutionary once for all :P

  • Harshal Singh

    ;) haha lekin aisa nhi hna ni chahiye… :(

  • Catt Isturis

    oooooppppssss. all iphone designs are copied from sony xperia.

  • Parth Garg

    They are making it capacitive button like android? That’s cheaper too :p

  • Vivek Khandai

    I Sheeps

  • Mitesh Motwani


  • Divyanshu Chandola

    Dont do it Apple, dont.

  • Purvesh Pandya

    Yes now they will put shirt’s button on that place……..ha ha ha ha

  • Mohammad Amaan

    steve was a better designer . :D

  • ?????? ?’?????

    bc puri #apple company ki tel lga k mar rakhi he #Steve_Jobs k death k bad chutiye -_- -_- :p

  • Akshay Suryawanshi

    this is the bad thing beacuse this apple iphone known this home button worldwide

  • Pritam Jaiswal

    Harshal Singh le bhai tu waise bhi use nahi karta tha.. Yr feedback accepted :)

  • Pritam Jaiswal

    Harshal Singh le bhai tu waise bhi use nahi karta tha.. Yr feedback accepted :)

  • Kaizaad Banaji

    Sahas Goud