Another Useful Hidden Feature of iOS 9 Discovered

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Another Useful Hidden Feature of iOS 9 Discovered

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At this year’s WWDC, Apple made a string of announcements about its future. Especially Apple iOS 9 was seen to be a major overhaul. The company showed off the software’s multitasking featurelow power mode and Siri’s Proactive mode. However, Apple didn’t disclose many fresh apps and exciting features, which make its OS all the more seamless.

According to a new report, iOS 9 can delete apps temporarily to accommodate software updates. If the operating system is short of storage, it will prompt the user to temporarily delete the apps before installing the updates. After updates have been installed, iOS 9 will automatically re-install those apps.

The feature was discovered by developers who installed the new beta version of iOS 9, as per a report by 9to5Mac. According to the report, the data will remain intact.

One of the main criticisms of iOS 8 was the amount of exorbitant space it took for installing updates. To make up for it, Apple announced at 2015 WWDC that the new iOS would only require only 1.35 GB of space, a huge improvement from iOS 8, which used 5.5 GB. The announcement was a relief to the iPhone users who use the 16 GB variant.

With iOS 9, Apple is making efforts to utilize the storage space. At WWDC, Apple mentioned that developers will be able to “thin” their apps, freeing up more storage for media and other content.

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