Yes, iPhone 6s is Most Expensive When Bought in India

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Yes, iPhone 6s is Most Expensive When Bought in India

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By now you must be aware of the Indian pricing of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Apple’s latest phones that launched in India today, 3 weeks after the US launch, are not only heavier than the previous iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but are also heavy on your pockets.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus come at a starting price of Rs. 62,000 and Rs. 72,000, respectively for the 16 GB version. At these prices, the newest iPhones cost more in India than any other country.

If one translates the Indian pricing of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to US currency, here’s what you get.

iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus
16 GB $955 $1,110
64 GB $1,110 $1,265
128 GB $1,265 $1,415

The same 16 GB iPhone 6s model costs $649 in the US, which means customers in India will be shelling out $306 more for the iPhone 6s 16 GB. Similarly, the base model of the iPhone 6s Plus costs $749 in the US whereas you’ll have to pay $351 more in India.

iPhone 6s and 6s plus igyaan 6

The extravagant prices in India is likely to bring down sales for the latest iPhones. But pre-bookings for the latest devices do not seem to show any such signs. Many retailers, both online and offline, have offered major offers for the latest iPhones. Airtel is offering free 4G data on purchase of the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, while Vodafone is offering freebies worth Rs. 8,885. These offers are only some of the many promotional campaigns being seen around India.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus may be the most expensive phones in India, but that didn’t stop fans from lining outside Apple reseller stores across the country to get their hands on the latest device. Apple CEO Tim Cook even expressed his thanks on Twitter. The excitement for the phones is still as high as ever. So, it could be that customers are willing to overlook the mighty price tag so that they can enjoy all the new features that come with the new phones.

Click here for a detailed review of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and decide for yourselves if the phones are worth burning your pockets for.

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  • Ruchik Narayan

    Apple was fined INR 1200 to 1500 crores at us courts for violations of patent laws by the apple.its operating system works on system developed by indian duo American resident technologists.

  • Kevin Victor Kapalac Lepiten

    I got my iPhone 6s here WEW!

  • Jadi Praveenkumar

    I love apple mostly cool features d

  • Subhadeep Dey

    They are present all around the World.

  • Daman Sondhi

    Apple waale indians ko chutia samajte hain and we bloody indians..uske baad bhi inke iphones khareed ke fb par status daalte rehte hain..proud owner of iphone…should bycott iphones

  • Abhishek Goswami

    bloody useless waste of money!

  • Ameya Dhavale

    time to call my nephew who lives in USA… ;)

  • Rahul Sali

    Bohot jaldi pata chala…. U0001f61c U0001f61c U0001f61c U0001f601 U0001f601

  • Saurabh Sharma

    @Sunny and Rohan, Plz work on your knowledge.

  • Vhrish Pagaar

    Saurabh Sharma well said (y)

  • Varun Beesam

    If it ain’t overpriced it ain’t an iPhone

  • Mayank Bansal

    Abe kisi ko nh btaya abhi…..mai show off nh krta….U0001f61dU0001f61dU0001f61dU0001f61dU0001f61d

  • Prateek Taparia

    Haa bhai aur bhai ko btaya bhi naiU0001f60f

  • Mayank Bansal

    Bhai le liya….tnsn na le tu meri….is waqt hath mei h mere mera iphone 6s…U0001f601U0001f601U0001f601U0001f601

  • Raghav Batra

    Most iPhone buyers in India are

  • Priy Chheda

    Order from US

  • Sanya Puri

    No not a good idea from India

  • Sidharth Sanyal

    because India is the largest market In this world and the huge companies like apple would surely like to make profits..

  • Priy Chheda

    Go For it .. Buy it

  • Naman Bali

    that sarcasm though xD

  • Malik Bagwala

    yeah 62k like a 1000$ for 16 gb are u serious apple?

  • Piyush Yadav

    That’s why I bought it from UK.

  • Abhishek Singh

    missing nokia… worst os in the world is ios.

  • Rishi Gohil

    Custom duties are same every time they release their phones. They release at same price in USA. They constantly increased prices of their phones to 10,000 bucks with each upgrade. They started with 34,000. Iphone 5S was 53000. Do you think custom increases their duties as per their new release? Hell no

  • Saawan Vidhyadharan

    110?of import tax!!!

  • Jagadeesh Jawkz

    People won’t mind to spend on iPhones..

  • Harsh Baid

    Rishiv Thondepu stop mentioning Mr in your comments it’s stupid

  • Prasun Bhowmick

    india is one of the most corrupted country,thats why luxury tax is very much high here!!!

  • Abhishek Lagusani

    only becoz they think indian buyers for fools!

  • Sk Shartho

    Why ? Pls tell…..anyone!

  • Sonu Chauhan

    And Apple is the smartest company to do that, cuz they know how dumb the apple buyers are in India

  • Rohan Adsur

    Sunny Mohanty Agreed, with you…

  • Rohan Adsur

    You are too late cNet already told this….

  • Amit Makwana

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  • Varun Mohanty

    Make iphone 6 and higher version in India… It could be lil lesser at cost I guess?

  • Sunny Mohanty

    It’s not Apple setting the prices in’s because of Custom duties of our Country

  • Sandeep Singh Bhatti

    1 kidney + 1 eye + pulsar bike

  • Saurabh Sharma

    Yeah bcuz Apple Distributors know that India is full of stupid Show Off people. and they will buy an iPhone at any price.

  • Ayush Kumar

    ok , new ——-> Means my white money is not enough ?

  • Nikhil Lodha

    If ur kidney is cheaper than 62K then no.
    Stop this 4 yr old kidney jokes. It’s boring.

  • Aditya Gadre

    Lol…try the south american countries

  • Aditya Desai

    Every thing depends on the place of other words “USA is the costliest place to buy COCONUT,its 12$ each” :3

  • vijay94181

    if anyone is ready to pay above 50 k then thats clear price is not a matter for them so Apple is filling their pockets with that

  • Dipanjan Valko Viswas

    That’s why in India people don’t usually buy iphones.
    Cause they prefer value for money phones ( like s6 edge) than overpriced ones.

  • Ibn E IQbal

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  • ThiLak Tlk

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  • Chatra D Gogoi

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  • Ayush Kumar

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  • Zoh Aib

    Munde kya BoT Banayega re BoT ke Legend hum, DanK3L

  • Priyesh Sultania

    But only for foolish people..!!

  • vicksterInc

    igyaan obviously coz in India most if the population believes in status symbols and will pay any price to get it.