The iPhone May Lose its Home Button

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The iPhone May Lose its Home Button

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There is no possibility that we’re getting a look at the next iPhone before the second half of next year, but why should that stop us from speculating about that one device everyone loves to hate?

Piper Jaffrey analyst Gene Munster writes in a blog post,

“3D Touch may provide Apple with a way to eliminate the home button on the phone and use the additional space to make the screen bigger or make the device smaller. One barrier to this could be Touch ID, which is integrated into the home button currently. Apple would need to move the Touch ID reader to potentially the side of the phone to remove the home button.”

Could it be possible then? iPhone 7 is also expected to be smaller in design with negligible or no changes to the screen size. Additionally, Apple recently filed a patent which suggests that the company wants to put Touch ID behind the display instead of the side, same as what Munster mentions.iPhone 6s and 6s plus igyaan 3

At the same time, there have been other patents as well which have hinted at not only keeping the home button but also adding new features and technology to it. The tech giant recently patented a way to use the Touch ID as type of a track pad. This feature would be able to identify the direction of your fingerprint movement and provide two user interfaces based on the movement of the swipe.

There is a 50% chance of Apple getting rid of its home button, if Munster’s speculations are to be taken into account.. Do you think Apple will actually do away with one of the most characteristic feature of its iPhone? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Hunter Fisher

    My mom lost my phone

  • Arpit Jaggi

    Arre to dhund lenge bhai! U0001f602U0001f602

  • Jagadeesh Jawkz

    Watch it guys..
    iPad mini 2 worth in 2015? There are issues after iOS 9 update..

  • Raj Suraj

    I don’t think so..

  • SomyaSharma

    It means finger sensor is going. checkout this link.

  • Adithya Gota

    Lol… Iconic home buttonU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Sachin Balan

    That means the finger print sensor might move to the back of iPhone next year. WOW! then we could see a bigger screen and dual speaker.

  • Derek Kandur

    Manjunath Muthyala understood??

  • Prashant Kaushik

    Apple has thrown away everything that steve did for this company.

  • Sandeep Yadav

    Nakal chhap article …….yaar kuch original aur jaldi diya karo……u guys wait for engadget or gizmodo post or some times macrumors too before making ur post

  • Uttkarsh Mishra

    Get android M feel on any phone
    Just head over to this link:-

  • Dipanjan Valko Viswas

    Finger print sensor RIP….. U0001f602

  • Kartikay Sharma

    And we might lose our homes if Apple keep pricing their device in 70-80ks

  • Abhishek Mehta

    That’s for sure that’s why they introduced 3D Touch so they user cud b use too with that and use it simply without home button

  • Kaustav Roy

    Regarding that pic u uploaded…
    I guess u can click much better pics than this :/

  • Kaustav Roy

    Apple won’t be Apple anymore :(

  • Arghya Ghosh

    Arey wah Kaustav ebare ki lg k copy krbe nki??? U0001f602

  • Smit Bangare

    WTF!!!the iconic home button will goU0001f628

  • Rahul Gahlawat

    U have on screen home button

  • Rahul Gahlawat

    Anyway Vry few ppl use it

  • Shiharan Choudhury

    i heard that