5G Will Become the New Standard by 2020

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5G Will Become the New Standard by 2020

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Trust our species to think ahead. 4G has yet to establish itself firmly around the world and now news has reached our ears that plans on 5G mobile network is very much on. The UN said on Thursday that member countries have approved the roadmap for the development of the next generation of mobile networking – 5G.

Needless to say, 5G mobile networks will promise lightening-fast downloads and will also help bring driverless cars closer to reality. The future 5G technology will supposedly deliver data speeds up to 1,000 times faster than the current 4G network. Just when you thought such speeds were too farfetched for the present. But a lot can happen in 4 years.

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UN’s 193 member countries have approved the plan and are now working on how to harmonise the development of the next-gen networks. Sanjay Acarya, spokesman for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) told AFP that the UN agency is “looking at a 2020 timeframe” for rolling out 5G networks.

Interestingly, many countries have yet to harness the potential of 4G networks. India, too, is far behind in the 4G game. The need is to build infrastructure that can carry mobile signals quickly, consistently, and reliably so as to support split-second activities. Spectrum allocation is the biggest concern and the UN member countries will have to decide how much spectrum can be allocated for this at next month’s World Radiocommunication Conference.

It has been estimated by Boston Consulting Group earlier this year that mobile companies will need to spend $4.0 trillion on research and investments by 2020 to develop 5G.

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  • abhishek_100

    which plan is it

  • DipakKumar

    No its possible . i am using unlimited 3G in india with just 869 per month without any FUP i use daily about 8- 10 gb and some day even more .my average 3G usage in a month is 200GB +

  • Prince Singh

    also they haven’t transferred speed to faster network but to force user to move to 3G they capped speed of 2G

  • Prince Singh

    Telecom operators just know how to juice out customers. dont improve services but always ready to increase prices

  • Minlun Haokip

    I understand they’ve transferred the speed of 2G into 3G and that of 3G into 4G but don’t the company realise this??

  • Ramith Puthiya Purayil

    I wish the same 4G girl to do the Add for 5G too :P

  • Prince Singh

    True unlimited wireless data seems to be a day dream :

  • Prince Singh

    has 3G made 2G cheaper ? I dont think so I remember before 2-3yrs ago speed of 2G used to be enough to fulfill requirement of a common person but after evolution of 3G, companies capped speed of 2G now a days you can’t expect proper connectivity in 2G

  • Prince Singh

    yes this FUP that too 40kbps really sucks

  • Prince Singh

    We Indians will be still searching for stable 2G network by 2020

  • Manzoor Sangeen

    But where is 4G

  • Rifatul Islam

    I wish that Bangladesh will be a 3G area guickly.Present generation is a computational generation.Bangladesh has a slowly internate network. So we want to get it quickly.

  • Abdullah Mughal

    Thank god i wont have to buy a new phone next year just for 5g

  • Ranveer Singh

    ave 3G purai india mai nai aa paya tha ke 4G lonch ho ave 5% india mai aa paya..or ab 5G..srif +1G add ker rehai hai speed to sala wahi hai.hehehehehe..

  • Abhishek Singh

    igyaan . rip your thinking

  • Minlun Haokip

    You guys are very narrow minded yah…
    If 5G comes we can expect 2G and 3G at lower rates!! And don’t threaten your country too much..

  • Chinmay Chari

    3g is costly and 4g is only avalable in some citys dont even thing about 5g soon in india

  • Somnath Kundu

    U guys forgot about it u guys should make it more viral so everyone can know about it

  • Ayush Mehre

    5G will happen… But not in India.. In India it will happen in 2050

  • Kaif Wafai

    i hav 3g with 600 ping in battlefield 2 and downld speed of 150 kbps

  • Rohit Sakhrani

    Holy smoke ! 3g is erratic

  • Sandip Barot

    First give 2G in it’s full speed.

  • Bhavleen Singh

    The prices of 2g packs are high, with our “FAIR USAGE POLICY” ruining everything.

  • KuNal SeHgal

    Igyaan don’t fly in sky. Here even 3G is not working properly. :p

  • Sanjay Mohan

    Vinod Krishnan 5G Singapore Kopu…

  • Sunny Mohanty

    4G is good in Bangalore

  • Malik Bagwala

    8g will become a standard by 2030

  • Ajjay Kannan

    In case if 5G gets released in India with full bandwidth,, consistency etc., only richeee riches can get benefited. And even richee will think

  • Prem Kalantri

    Even 3g isnt consistent U0001f606

  • Nikhil Seth

    aur india M Toh Bas Airtel Wali Ladki Hi 4G Chala rhi h :3

  • Parth Pradhan

    4G toh dhang se aane do

  • Brad Nathan delhi even the 4G speed is not consistent U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602