iG Exclusive : Apple Re: Launching Iphone 3GS in India Tomorrow for 20k, Factory Unlocked

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iG Exclusive : Apple Re: Launching Iphone 3GS in India Tomorrow for 20k, Factory Unlocked

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This is it, exclusive news for those waiting to spend up-to 20k on their smart-phones. Apple has just made the choice tougher. The  iPhone 3Gs will be re-launched in India and go on sale tomorrow for 20 thousand. Whats more its going to be completely factory unlocked and will work with your carrier of choice.

The iPhone 3GS was originally launched in India in 2010 approximately 10 months after its launch in the United States. the 3Gs was sold locked to Airtel and Vodafone at full pricing. this in turn led to a lot of controversy in Apple’s Indian Market strategy. This year Apple started to sell the iPhone 4, again after 10 months of its US launch, but this time around the device was factory unlocked and ready to use worldwide.

The pricing of the iPhone 3Gs seems very competitive especially when 20 thousand is a decent budget for a smartphone these days.

We will get you more news on this as and when we gather.

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8 Comments On "iG Exclusive : Apple Re: Launching Iphone 3GS in India Tomorrow for 20k, Factory Unlocked"

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Mayurakshi Chatterjee
Mayurakshi Chatterjee

Hi. I am confused about something. Is the phone already upgraded to the current ios or do we have to upgrade it ourselves?

shouvik das

don’t worry friends there are still “OMG!!!APPPLE” type of people who will go for is ridiculous to launch a 2 yr old fone at  that price..u can get 100 times better performance with the HTC wildfire s at Rs 6500 lessser


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Really cannot believe you are recommending this phone to people in 2011. A phone with 600 Mhz processor, No HD recording, Camera of 3.2 MP in the age where we are getting Dual Core Processor based phones for almost the same price. India literally cannot be the dumping ground for companies like Apple.  They got to respect the techies and gadget lovers here in India, who are at-par if not better than people in developed nations.  India should definitely disregard such products and embrace OpenSource….

Geril George

 20k for a 2009 phone… with 2007 specs


They must be creating a lot of space in their Chinese warehouse. The 3Gs isn’t in production, is it?


Might be refurbished….

Nagarjuna Kristam

whats source for this news?