Apple Watch Gets Improved Language Base and Bug Fixes With New Update

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Apple Watch Gets Improved Language Base and Bug Fixes With New Update

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Apple has recently issued a version 2.1 software update for the Apple Watch. This update mainly incorporates improved language support and bug fixes. The system now includes several European languages, East Asian languages and Arabic.


Apart from a larger language base in the software, the update also supports a right-to-left UI mode, which is an obvious feature considering the fact that Arabic is read from right to left. Adding to this, Siri has also been upgraded to understand Arabic that is spoke in Saudi Arabia and UAE; while a dictation-only support is added for a number of other languages.

Apple seems to have incorporated the Arabic language rather efficiently into its system as they even added the Islamic and Hebrew calendars in the update.

For more information about this software update, please click here.

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  • Prakash Rao

    Why they sell first and fix the bug/s
    later what’s the hurry.

  • Nelson D’souza

    Still sucks big time