Samsung to be Apple’s Primary OLED Display Supplier

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Samsung to be Apple’s Primary OLED Display Supplier

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Rumors of Apple finally shifting to OLED displays for its iPhones aren’t going away. It looks like Samsung is set to be the primary OLED supplier for the new iPhones as the Korean giant gets ready to invest up to $7.27 billion depending on order levels.

Now, while the shift to OLED panels is imminent, the move will only happen in 2018, which means that the upcoming iPhone 7 will continue to sport LCD displays. Currently, the Apple Watch is the only device by the Cupertino giant that sports an OLED display.

Earlier, it was rumored that both Samsung and LG will be the suppliers for the OLED panels, but it looks like Apple’s love-hate relationship with Samsung trumps all. Though this doesn’t completely rule out LG as a supplier.

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No official statement has been released by either companies yet, but insiders have claimed that the contract has been signed. Furthermore, it is rumored that Samsung is planning to invest up to $7.47 billion in its display business. This would go towards equipment, plant improvements and staff to increase production loads.

The investment will be broken down to into an initial $2.49 billion to $3.32 billion this year, so that the company can begin production of 30 000 to 45 000 OLED sheets per month. Another set of recent rumors also suggest that Apple has a secret lab in Taiwan where where former Qualcomm and AUO employees are working on developing micro-LED screen tech for thinner, lighter, and brighter displays for the iPhone, though we’ll know how much of the latter is true once the next set of iPhones come out.

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