Apple Launches 4 inch Apple iPhone SE

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Apple Launches 4 inch Apple iPhone SE

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Apple has finally taken the wraps of their new iPhone called the iPhone SE. While the looks are the same as the iPhone 5s. The iPhone SE is essentially the iPhone 6 in a smaller sized package, packing an Apple A9 processor and an M9 Motion Co-Processer.

Apple has also included 4k video recording capable 12 MP camera and Always On “Hey Siri”.

The iPhone SE will be available for US $ 399 for the 16 GB and US $ 499 for the 64 GB when it launches in April in major countries. Taking care of requirement for those who want a smaller iPhone and those who do not want to spend a lot of money.

iPhone Se colors

In India iPhone SE will be available in space grey, silver, gold and rose gold metallic finishes in 16GB and 64GB models starting at MRP INR 30,000 from Apple Authorised Resellers and select carriers.
— Customers in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the UK, US Virgin Islands and the US will be able to order iPhone SE beginning Thursday, March 24, with availability beginning Thursday, March 31.

Apple iPhone Se

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  • GireeshSwamy

    is it the other way around , may be they launched it fast..

  • avieshek

    Remember this rendering for u’r lifetime

  • Abhishek Kanchan

    I think this version of iPhone will rejuvenate and pick their sales up, as many still prefer 4 inch phones rather than their ginormous versions!!!

  • Prashanth Mathi

    Looks like refurbished iPhone 5s

  • ?mjà? ?â?f


  • Madhan Kumar

    Even Samsung S7,Lg G5 are a waste of hard earned money where Mi5 with SD820,4GB RAM,128GB ROM will cost Rs 27k in India.

  • Shaswat Sharma

    SimplY all iphones are not value for money

  • Sagar Bagwe

    They agains Fools indian Customer 16 Gb for 40 K haha My OnePlus Rocks!!

  • Vivek Khandai

    Isheeps I craps

  • Yogesh Jain

    If there is 100$ difference in 16 and 64 GB model ,then it will be 10k difference in India.

  • Yogesh Jain

    30000 rupees minimum

  • Yogesh Jain

    Jeevan Kumar,so according to you Samsung went to future copied the +edition and formed a note series. So they would have also copied bendable display which apple will bring in future.they may also had copy the s7 camera (better than iphone ) from the iphone 7,they may also had copied the best display in the market which apple will bring someday.they also copied the split screen from the iphone iPad pro right!if Samsung copied from apple ,then why iOS 9 had most of the android features, oh may be android copied them from future, apple to copy karta hi nahi they always comes out in a revolutionary way that even beats Charles Darwin theory of evolution.only apple have the patents to create new things .all other just copy from apple .what you will say a phone launched at 62k and the price fell to 47k after just 3 months ,iphone 6s ,may be Samsung even copied this idea .

  • Ashutosh Shirke

    I dont think Apple really understood the budget market :P

  • Møñît Shm

    You can’t make an iphone with just $187, you also need to scratch the hell out of your brains to design, manufacture it. And the features, iCloud, App store and etc? If you can buy it, buy it.

  • Jeevan Kumar

    Samsung is waste of money man. Coping all from iphone

  • Vivaan Raghuvanshi

    Bro its apple. All updates are available now

  • Sufiyan Khan

    Android is better thn ios

  • Pavitra Shukla

    Steve jobs..somewhere up there would be facepalming to this event

  • Parshant Utradi

    Tato Paisa Kandi cha Man Wari Haren :p

  • Deepak Utradi

    Parshant Utradi 4s wikren kare iha wath

  • Raghav Bhat

    go and buy a nexus 6p.. better than 6s+ U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Raghav Bhat

    Fresno Raynor exactly! U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Fresno Raynor

    Wat standard u taking bout man..its all hyped ppl passed on others to make it a standard loll

  • RóHåñ BåbûRãj

    iPhone hav a standard!!! Use for business use!!U0001f62eU0001f61bU0001f60fU0001f60f!! Not waste Manh

  • Gaurav Gupta

    ye dekh le aur leleU0001f602 Tanjeev Singh

  • Raghav Bhat

    Iphone is a waste of money.. go and buy a galaxy s7, an lg g5 or a nexus 6p.. and live happily ever after :)

  • Parth Mansata

    Dhairya Dubal now buy this..!!
    CC:- Henil Kothari

  • Mian Adeel Rasheed

    Aashir Aashir Rasheed sab bohat batain ker rahay hain apple ko is main hahahahhah

  • Ips Juneja

    Apple 5s is discontinued

  • Unnat Choudhury

    Jay Mehta M J Thats without the duty and service tax
    Add around 80-100 USD more to the price

  • Prateek Vyas

    I too was thinking to buy iPhone 5s as they will reduce to half..but according to me it’s not worth it….It is 3 years old phone… U still can get phones under 10k better than I phone 5s

  • Prateek Vyas

    It will be reduced to half

  • Mahmoud Shahat

    Masr om el donya

  • Mostafa Ashraf

    ???? ??? ?

  • Inderpal Singh Chhabra

    What is price of iPhone SE?

  • Deep Kothari

    Charmi Sanghani i said na coming in metal body.. Buy this

  • Mostafa Ashraf

    Mahmoud Shahat
    ? 500 ????? ?? ?? 64 ????
    ????????? ???? ?? ??? ??????? ? 7 ?? ???? ??? ????? ? 3 500

  • Jay Mehta M J

    26500 for 16gb and 33600 for 64 gb U0001f60a

  • Harry Sharma

    wish steve jobs could come and make some better iphones

  • Parth Agarwal

    Apple’s back with originals

  • Zaid Elyas

    Umer Umer Hassan

  • Atif Jameel

    igyaan when ios 9.3 comes to 6s…

  • Ankit Sridhar

    What an upset!

  • Prasanna Sai

    Recycled one for 500dollars lol

  • Ips Juneja

    No news on price of 5s

  • Manav Bhatia

    What will be the price?

  • muditm699

    igyaan they mentioned about launching it on March 31 but did they hint when they launch it in India?

  • Huzaifa Malik

    U0001f420 LIKEU0001f421 BACKU0001f60d FAST
    ^_^ Suna h Ap B Muhammad Zohaib k Fan hOOo! :D
    U0001f490 U0001f490 Zohaib-B0TU0001f490 U0001f490