iPhone SE Pre-Orders in China Cross 3.4 Million

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iPhone SE Pre-Orders in China Cross 3.4 Million

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The iPhone SE, reports suggest may be Apple’s secret super seller. This may just come true thanks to the numbers the phone has already gathered during pre-orders. It is also a huge bump in sales for Apple prior to

The phone which features many of the features of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in a smaller size may be just what the company needed. The iPhone SE should provide a huge bump in sales for Apple prior to their iPhone 7 launch later this year.

A CNBC report showcases the numbers, massive 3.4 million iPhone SE pre-orders, with people choosing the iPhone SE in Gold as their color of choice, the rose gold variant comes in a close second.

It is estimated that more than 50% of these pre-orders will end up in the black market.

iPhone SE hero

The iPhone SE costs US $ 505 in China which is roughly Rs. 33000, a whopping Rs. 6000 cheaper than what Apple will sell it’s iPhone SE in India for.  India and Brazil are where Apple expects to do exceedingly well.



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    • Nishtha Khera

      Dheeraj Khathuria lol don’t die!
      This guy is very smart. In fact take advice for you next phone from him only.U0001f602U0001f602

    • Chandsi Javed

      This is i5 or i6?

    • Anthony Bag

      plz dnt go for it

    • Anjan Pratapsingh

      Chinese & Indians love ? iphones because they have a misconception that the apple ? logo is a status symbol.

    • Vignesh Guna

      Lol wait for more than 8 months

    • Satyaki Saradar

      I thought it would be a flop. :-P

    • Isharjot Singh

      Jaggi Baidwan that’s why

    • Rohit Gupta

      Galaxy S7 edge is better option in same budget

    • Dheeraj Khathuria

      Nishtha Khera ye comment padhke margya x((

    • Prakash Patel

      I7 – a phone without headphone jack… Nah sorry… Crappy phone…U0001f602

    • Mãyank Pãtel

      U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 yeaahh wait for i7 man U0001f60eU0001f4aaU0001f3fb

    • Prakash Patel

      Looks like Chinese people love small… No matter if it’s eyes or phones…U0001f602U0001f602

    • Sandy Hayday

      INdia me bhale aap samsung galaxy s7 edge le ya fir iphone.. Log sirf loud speaker pe chalwa ke kahenge bas itna hi volume kaisa ghatiya phone le liya

    • Satyam Kumar

      Good going APPPLE

    • Nitin Kochar

      bht glt baat h india m 39k for no reason

    • Nitin Kochar

      being apple things

    • Ayush Chhabra

      Akshay Nitin Manan Rishi

    • Naveen Pokkottiputhenpurayil

      I Used both phones ..again I am repeating IPhone is a branded bubble of idiots and showmen’s.. Xiaomi is value for money..I value my money not Steve job’s

    • Naveen Pokkottiputhenpurayil

      It’s my family name Mr.Syed..which is a great thing for people in India..So I put my family Name..Defend my comment technically rather finding sense in my surname..

    • Rahul Buffett

      I agree with u bro mi rocks

    • Yogesh Pandit

      Is duniya main ch***yonki kami nahi..

    • Manju Manjunath

      Good and excellent

    • Murali Atukuri

      Chep phone high rate

    • Syed Almas Tirmizi

      Your comment is as senseless as your surname

    • Saksham Bhati

      Atul Aggrawal next usa ??

    • Naveen Pokkottiputhenpurayil

      I phone is for the people(idiots) who looking for brand ..If you want a mobie which is value for money go MI5..Xiaomi rocks and Apple sucks..

    • Keyur Bhesania

      no it’s just overpopulated country, so apple thinking we r getting millions order :p

    • Himanshu Jhunjhunwala

      Had They Prices it 25-28K they would have nailed it….

    • Himanshu Jhunjhunwala

      Pricing Wise for india, Apple got it Wrong. You getting Iphone6 cheaper, why would someone buy SE?

    • Devang Shady

      Iphone sirf naam se chalta hai.. U0001f627

    • Saurabh Sharma

      Chinese people buy anything. Every single phone sells in millions there. That is why I have doubts on the sale data of Chinese market.

    • Rajan Singh

      Mad people…not deserve a single order! U0001f44e