Apple iPhone 6 Giveaway

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Apple iPhone 6 Giveaway

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We are giving away an Apple iPhone 6 along with 20 other phones in the iGyaan 6 Years Giveaway 
Apple iPhone 6

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Bharat Nagpal

Founder and Chief Editor of iGyaan. Bharat likes to keep on top of technology ! Follow Him on Google Plus : Google+

  • ipray that you avery good opportunity …ahead… its after long time

  • sarahfoul2000

    who won???

  • harshkhilawala

    Congratulations!!!!it’s the result of your hard work that you are at this stage and I pray that you a very good opportunity… ahead too…it’s after long time I have saw an Indian giveaway…it is like something a great achievement for our country..hope you continue progressing…#we are always with you…##indians r always helpful.U0001f60eU0001f60eU0001f609U0001f609

  • tarekbadrm

    Congratulations on the 6th anniversary of igyaan you are the best

  • BillelBillelBelahdjar

    Where the winner

  • AsiheneChristopher

    So who won

  • lakshchowdary

    when you will announce the winners?

  • Akaal

    Hope that i will win this phone . I got mail from igyaan that i completed all 77 entries . What does it mean ?

  • MahibubPatil

    I Like this phone please give me..!

  • AkarshitAhlawat

    Dude, Igyaan is so cool. info about most phones is available on
    their youtube channel. From unboxing to rieview to living with these
    phones. the channel has everything. I am a subscriber, you shud
    subscribe too.
    To subscribe click on :

  • HarshitMahawar1

    Dying to have apple phones , finger crossed

  • lakshchowdary

    dream phone for many..

  • axshaimran

    how can i win

  • MuqeetGhouri

    Bigggg wish to win <3

  • neeraj igyaan

    congrats igyaan for completing 6yrs

  • Wifi X Smasher

    I m also fingers crossed U0001f609

  • Wifi X Smasher

    May the lucky one win

  • subhradutta1995

    I think I am very unlucky,but hope this is my turn,iGyaan don`t make history repeat itself,it`s already laughing at my comment…

  • Santhanu_

    Can I get the phone please

  • EmilyBrown4

    Congrats!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!! U0001f64fU0001f64fU0001f44fU0001f44f

  • AsiheneChristopher

    Yes me too

  • MuqeetGhouri

    Congrats IGYAAN for completing 6 yrs

  • mohamed selim
  • AsiheneChristopher

    I like your vids

  • subhradutta1995

    congrats and good luck,hope you guys will do much better in the coming years,thank you.

  • iam_MayankTyagi

    Congratulations on the 6th anniversary of igyaan ,i love you

  • neeraj igyaan

    fingers crossed…/….

  • param091

    For More giveaways..

  • manishkumar86

    Congratulation U0001f38a and good luck for future.. i have participated in many giveaway but never won a single one.. Hope its my time with luck.. Thanks in advance.. Fingers crossed..

  • FreePalstaine


  • ChikuTeddy

    referring friends , how does it work ? how many friends has to b refereed? i referred one, its not working!!

  • InnovativeSourav


  • rajanix

    Congrats IGYAAN for completing 6 yrs