Sony Mobile to Reduce Focus on Indian, Chinese and US Market

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Sony Mobile to Reduce Focus on Indian, Chinese and US Market

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Sony Mobile India at a recent investor meet has confirmed it will focus less on select markets like China, India, and the US where its performance low. Sony has also slowed operations in Brazil and plans to focus more on the Europe, Middle easy and Japanese markets.

Sony also points to “growth slowdown in emerging markets”. According to the report, Sony’s Mobile division has incurred 40 Billion Yen of Net reductions between 2014-2016 which is roughly US $ 400 Million.

Sony Defocus India

Sony will rampantly reduce product footprint and plans to focus on premium smartphones. Sony also claims that their growth percentage has been poor in these regions, as low as 0.3%.


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  • Anish Kumar


  • Adnan Khan

    Sony cannot compete with these Chinese player which are currently ruling the market.! But these Chinese sellers are not here to stay. Who knows we will see these companies still exist in the coming years. But Sony will.
    Moral- Sony Is here to stay forever

  • Mathotchui Keishing

    That means no update for my z5 premium???

  • Aryan Rai

    Some guys like quantity over quality and some like vice-versa … Its like saying. “U0001f61fhey why apple gives dual core in so xpensive phones?U0001f627″…

  • Aryan Rai

    They must be focusing on african …U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Dibyendu Maji

    LOL… Nicki DSLR user..

  • Krishna Kumar

    Sony has one loyal customer in India.. Kerala :v

  • Zlàtâñ Vîçtør Scorp

    I knew it they couldn’t stand against the bigger brand in China Xiaomi Huawei in US Samsung and IPhone in India Samsung Oppo etc

  • Abhishek Louis Raj

    Yes. Their camera modules must have sold in greater numbers than their mobilesU0001f609

  • Harshpreet Singh Bhati

    I. Love. Sony products

  • NaZir MoMin

    flop cell phones of sony

  • Sagar Ali

    Come to Pakistan sony

  • Mohammad Kazim

    Ro gae U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602
    Sagar Madridista U0001f602

  • Harsh Mohan Singh

    Perhaps they’ve lost the focus altogether……

  • Ritesh Mahato

    Toh phone banayoge kiske liye apne liye kya?

  • Buddhadeb Prusty

    Sony can’t survive these markets but there camera technology is great

  • Avinash Nadig

    Good job Sony …pls do so U0001f61e

  • Nicandro Filho

    They reduced the focus in Brazil too. They announced they will not manufacture the Xperia X in the country. All the units will be imported. But Brazil have a import fee of 60%. The Xperia X are being sold for (+ or -) US$1150,00 In a country were the minimal wage is around US$267. No one will buy. And their next step is, probably, close the mobile business in the country.

  • Tabish Alam

    Sony should focus on reducing prices of phone, xiaomi give snapdragon 650 processor in 12k while Sony in 48k

  • Siddhart Kumar

    comment of the year!!

  • Qazi Faisal

    I rather buy anything then an iPhone but I would rather go with anything else then a Sony just not an iphone

  • Qazi Faisal

    I think its pricing issue the fact that Sony is going after only the niche consumer rather then the premium consumer shows that’s why I bought a note 5 over a Sony product . There focusing on there niche consumers hence Europe middle east and Japan. In india China and USA we want more bang for our buck which means there are better options then sony.

  • Dev Mahara

    haa…. Saudi Arabia ja ke musalmano se gand marwa lo SONY..

  • Leon Pinto

    Who cares. Its a good news

  • Chris Kennedy

    They have to,
    They introduce a phone..with good specs and give a price of an iphone..
    People are wiser than you thought…
    For your information sony:
    Build phones like xiaomi,meizu or letv..
    Because they spend less on advertising…

  • Emraan Masalikar

    So in short, the company soon going to be shut down

  • Chetan Malik

    But I think there camera’s have better future than their TV’s

  • Chetan Malik

    play Station for Sony is like
    Guarantee employment act U0001f61c

  • Yogesh Jain

    Atleast they have PlayStation and TVs

  • ???? ??????

    Partly because of poor sales, and partly because of Nationalism

  • Jenil Soni

    Actually the truth is that we reduced our focus on sony and not sony on usU0001f602

  • Ranjith

    Very good… Over priced mobiles

  • Prashantha Kumar

    Who cares about overpriced Sony mobiles anymoreU0001f60e

  • Chetan Malik

    Fir bacha kya mobile bechne ko aadhi duniya to yhi rehti h..
    or mobile use krne wali 80%.
    Nokia here comes Sony.

  • ???? ??????

    Good any how its sinking boatna

  • Tanmoy Saha

    performance is low cus of astronomical pricing.
    i’ll buy an iphone rather than a sony at 50k.

  • Woodnote (hulone_)

    Have they gone nuts? These are the biggest markets for any any smartphone venture.