Apple may Launch iPhone 6SE This Year, Instead of iPhone 7

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Apple may Launch iPhone 6SE This Year, Instead of iPhone 7

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Apple’s next iPhone is coming on Friday, Sept. 16th according to latest leaks, and the naming seems to have changed. So everything you heard about the three models of the iPhone, including the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone Pro may turn out to be just great misleads.

The next iPhone may be called the iPhone 6SE keeping the design lineage same as the previous gen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.


A report from Apfelpage suggests Apple may not call the device the iPhone 7 after all. It says Chinese supply chain sources have seen packaging and labelling that indicates the new phone will be called the ‘iPhone 6SE’.


All Glass iPhone Design for 2017

However, it seems unlikely that Apple will change the naming system of its flagship smartphone, And a iPhone 7 name seems more likely and on the cards. With Apple majorly overhauling the design of the iPhone in 2017, the iPhone 7 Moniker would make sense for a new design phone.

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