iPhone 8 May Have Wireless Charging And Full OLED Display

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iPhone 8 May Have Wireless Charging And Full OLED Display

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According to a new report Apple manufacturer Foxconn is already testing the iPhone 8’s wireless charging technology. Something which may be exclusive to the premium variant iPhones.  According to the report Apple may finally be working on the Long Range Wireless charging that was seen in Apple’s patent filing many years ago.

More news has suggested that the iPhone 8 will come in place of the iPhone 7s which would according to refresh cycles launch next year. However, in order to make a big impact for the redesign and 10 years of iPhone, the iPhone 8 moniker will be used.

Apple is said to be working on a new design of the iPhone 8 that will feature an all glass front removing the physical button and reducing the bezels significantly much like the Xiaomi MIX. However, Apple will continue to keep the earpiece and front facing camera in the top region and will put the fingerprint scanner behind the display.

Previous leaks have pointed to Apple bringing back an all glass design, which would be a single piece of glass folded from front to back, alternatively Apple has shown that they are able to make ceramic casing with the Apple Watch series 2 and is possible to make an iPhone with a ceramic back.


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  • Abhinandan Kanojia

    Wt a science. Man………

  • Abhik RoyChowdhury

    Of course it will have those… In fact, in the next iPhone… THEY WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING… much like this year…

  • Reena Reena

    Omg abb 8 v aagea I phone lol

  • Divyansh Pratap Singh

    How long apple series go on…. Yr

  • Koushik Dutta

    every year people expecting next iphone gonna be like this that. but in september apple give us a same pricey slim phone with tag line best iphone ever

  • Harsh Vardhaan Namdev

    This is so stupid think other companies already launched this feature and the apple U0001f34e will launched this feature in iPhone U0001f4f1 8 after 3 year what will the position of apple remain

  • SreeKar Naidu

    Yup so once wireless charging comes… Apple stop providing any charging adapter instead introduces the new Wireless Charging Dock named iCharge…. U0001f612U0001f612U0001f612U0001f61cU0001f61cU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Soundar Rajan

    just 99k only :-D

  • Mirza Ali

    If apple do this i will definitely buy next iphone

  • Mohammed Zeeshan

    Apple announced that they’ll be launching iPhone 10 next year in occasion of Apple 10th anniversary

  • Awais Ahmed

    i phone 8 will not have a speaker because it will wirelessly travel to the sheep like brains of i sheeps and will destroy the very little brain cells they already possess.

  • Sameer Mehta

    That’s what I was just about to comment bhaskarU0001f601U0001f601

  • Shantanu Savant

    Arey bhad me gaya iphone U0001f620U0001f620U0001f620U0001f620

  • Yuvvraaj Poudel

    Did somebody just say Galaxy S7 ?

  • Tauhid Bin Azad

    So now they will remove charging port :p

  • Ashirbad Padhan

    nice thought bro.was guessing the same.time will come when they’ll remove battery also and sell wifi charger

  • Shreyas Ka

    Just like mkbhd said, iPhone will have an oled display someday or the other..
    Copycat iPhone.

  • Shantanu Manerikar

    And might also start at 70k

  • Chetan Krishna Naik

    Well that’s innovative :D

  • Rana

    Lol.. old technology… we used it in android long ago… U0001f602U0001f602

  • Deepak Achhra

    This is so new?U0001f602

  • Amanpreet Singh

    2017 will be welcoming Apple for their 1 step towards the technology of 2013U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 Yayyyy congrats, APPLE you stepped upU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f44c

  • PriTam

    Nothing gonna be changing
    Just Add some minor features
    Display or pixl
    Minor change on looking
    A11 Fuson chipset
    And price will be very high

  • Rajesh Bhagat

    Nd more less battery

  • Ashutosh Tharwal

    So that means, they now going remove lightning (charging point) point. U0001f603U0001f603U0001f603

  • Kumar Amarjeet

    Welcome to year 2012 —AndroidU0001f61c

  • Sameeruddin Akhtar

    May may may have any other major differences may may may I knw???

  • Thomas Sumanth

    and 999999$ only/-* (charger not included)

  • Mohid Shaikh

    Will have
    May have
    Major difference mate -_-

  • Sayed Aamir

    Finally U0001f34e ko hosh aaya wireless charging dene wala hai Nokia use to give wireless charging from Lumia series

  • Praneeth Nadella

    Still 1 year to its launch , u let us to enjoy the new 7 , dont talk about “IT MAY HAVE “

  • Naveen Krishnan

    Imagine the price starting from 1 lakh

  • Luan Harper

    i was being sarcastic ffs guys :/

  • Suryagopan Jayadevan

    Apple fans living under rock only say like this.. Wireless charging and curved super AMOLED available in Samsung devices from S6 onwards..
    Samsung device uses AMOLED screens since 8 years..

  • Shaon Hider

    Lol! Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge already have it :v

  • Bhaskar Mondal

    1 year is enough to decide which hospital u should go to sell ur kidney, eyes & heartU0001f61cU0001f61cU0001f61c

  • Luan Harper

    yay ! android users must be jealous , they will never have this , cuz apple is the first company to release it next year :D

  • Vivek Khandai

    Haha and price will be too much