iPhone 5s has a Fingerprint Sensor : TouchID : Here is what it does

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iPhone 5s has a Fingerprint Sensor : TouchID : Here is what it does

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The iPhone 5s is a beefed up on steroids version of the iPhone 5, with a new A7 SOC and new hardware on the inside the iPhone 5s is twice as fast and has 56 times as fast graphics. A new camera system with a 5 element system and a new f2.2 lens along with a new flash technology refine its already leading optics. But possibiy the biggest change on the iPhone 5s is the industry first fingerprint sensor dubbed “TouchID”. 

A capacitive touch glass pasted on top of the home button makes for a new technology (touchID): 170 microns in thickness with 500 ppi resolution, it reads the fingerprint of the owner to unlock the phone. 

But thats not where it stops : The high resolution image of the fingerprint is “encrypted and stored securely in the Secure Enclave inside the A7 chip” after which is can be used to authorize several things. 

Examples include a singe finger swipe to buy apps or authorize buying apps, in-app purchase authorizations and even purchases within apps like Amazon or eBay would make for a much better payment system. The sensor uses a laser cut sapphire crystal cover; it retains a tactile input for those wary of the sensor wearing down after lengthy use.

Apple has dubbed the iPhone 5s as the most secure smartphone yet thanks to “touchID”, with a great play for marketing, making it a boon to the enterprise industry.

How useful do you think a fingerprint sensor will be ? And what do you think it should be really used for , let us know below.

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dude what if ur asleep and someone in ur house can just access ur iphone by just the touch of ur finger without ur concent

Swarnadip Ghosh

lets face it samsung galaxy note 3 and galaxy s4 has tons of features more than iphone 5s


what if ur finger got cut n u need to unlock d phone? LOLz


We got two hands buddy.

Vishal Thakur

Finally something decent without the legend