Apple to launch the iPhone 5S and 5C in India by Oct 20th

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Apple to launch the iPhone 5S and 5C in India by Oct 20th

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Apple yesterday announced the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, two new iPhones that are set to replace and enhance the experience you get from the current generation iPhone 5.

In the US and several other countries the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C will go on sale starting September 20th 2013, however no concrete information was available on their launch dates in India.

Apple sources close to iGyaan have let us know that Apple India is planning to bring the new iPhone 5C and the 5S to India as early as Oct 20th. The iPhone 5C which will be a replacement of the iPhone 5 will actually cost as much as the iPhone 5 does today, Rs. 44500 for 16GB. This is thanks to the inflated costs of Dollar vs Indian Rupee. The iPhone 5s however will launch for upwards of Rs. 50,000 for the 16GB variant making the 64 GB iPhone 5s the most expensive smartphone till date in India, since it will cross the Rs. 65,000 barrier.

Apple saw a 400% growth in the past year in India, and it thanks quick availability and easy payment schemes for it. Last year Apple was able to sell out its initial stock of 20,000 iPhone 5 units in one day, this year the company plans to bring in over 100,000 units at the time of launch, this number will include a variation of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S in all colors.

India as a market has shown some real potential, and Apple wishes to remain at the forefront of technology. We have been planning the launch for over a month prior to the announcement yesterday, and it should happen in Oct, if the Cupertino office is in line with our Ideas.

Many claim that Apple may not have the same impact in the market with the iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S as they did with the iPhone 5, because of the lack of innovation in these new products.

Apple is hoping that the new Touch ID security features will enable a lot of business folks, who prefer Samsung phones/ Blackberry devices, to easily pick the iPhone 5S thanks to the rock solid security.

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  • NKR’s

    is it true? that i phone is in only 6300…..plzz give me details

  • Prachit7

    If I get an unlocked version of the 16 gb gold iphone 5s directly from the apple store in Detroit, what will it cost me? And, will it smoothly run carriers in India? Eg airtel, Vodafone etc.

  • likhith

    will this release reduce the price of Iphone 4 and 4s?

  • vishnu

    dirty apple company they hve cheted thy tld 5c is cming in 6,500 and nw 45,000 i hate it nowwwwwwwwwwww

    • gaurav yadav

      Ya right..they came in ur dream and told u so.

    • Vikas

      try voting for a better government next time. By the way these phones become costly because Congress needs it to feed to its corrupt MPS & MLAs. Grow up Apple hater

    • SUV


  • What would be exact price in India for iPhone 5C and 5S?

  • ameya

    i’d expect iPhone 5S, the upgraded version of iPhone 5 to be priced at 44,500 as was the case when iPhone 5 (upgraded version of 4S) was launched. 4S was priced at 44,500 and when iPhone 5 was launched, prices of 4S dipped to 38,000. so if 5C replaces iPhone 5, prices of iPhone 5C should hit 38000 unto 52000 but 5S should come in at 44,500 all the way unto 59,500 for 64 GB model

  • kashish

    Please recommend me a good powerful phone under 25k

  • usman

    please recommend me a powerful android device in a budget of rs 25000

  • Mike

    If anyone is interested in purchasing an iPhone 5S, I’ll be getting several on release day in Los Angeles, CA. Email me at

    • Pravat

      I need One Unlocked

    • praneeth

      i need one with unlocked..

  • Karan Rathore

    i dont get what is the price of 5s somewhere it shows 50000 nad somewhere around 13000,even in newspaper it show 13000

    • Apple Rules

      13000 or 200$ is for locked version and for unlocked its 549$ and 649$ respectively

  • rohit

    what if someone buys iphone 5c in usa for contract for $99 (rs 6300) and comes back to india permanently :p

    • Apple Rules

      Keep on jailbreaking it, it won’t work smoothly and you will have to keep on running to local stores.

      FYI- Jailbreak for IOS7 isn’t available yet :P

  • Angad Singh

    LACK of Innovation???? WTH?? I am tired of explaining… I already did on techcrunch!! I will do a detail thing on my Blog! I called it Techgoggles check it out later!

  • Anonoymous Rasik

    cant belive world is full of fools … how iphone survive in front of such gr8 tech by samasung and sony … serious fools ..

    • Kshitij sinha

      Aaj tak apple ka phone chalaya bhi hai kya bhai tumne..chala kar dekho and u will know who the real fool is and who sucks(your laggy giant or my apple device)

      • JiMxxFuXk

        yea i had it and i have to say that was the biggest mistake i made in my life

  • chandran T.G

    hi frnds is it possible to break de contract after gettin activated ??

    • sravan varma

      you need to pay the remaining amount to clear your contract….

  • Adil Husain

    Thats to much for a plastic built iPhone….. Its better to buy a I phone 5 with aluminium body than buying a iPhone 5c

    • Jackson Joshua

      iPhone 5 is removed from the stock bro. I dont think they will manufacture 5

      • Adil Husain

        Yea or else people wud but that

  • Amer Backstreet Guy

    Its better to wait and go for Nexus 5

    • Harish Hopper Bhagavathula

      Moto X

      • Amer Backstreet Guy

        no dude its nexus 5

    • amitgb

      That’s right.

  • Will Apple open up a store in India?

    • Harish Hopper Bhagavathula

      what do you mean by store ? we already have i-stores by apple here..

      • Siddharth Hire

        Its all over india. YOU DUMBFOOL.

        • ameya

          these are i-stores, promoted by reliance. hes asking for apple store, owned and run by apple and with excellent tech and after sales support.

        • amitgb

          Please clear you facts before abusing someone…He means “Apple” owned stores…

        • Please stop that. I meant APPLE STORE. Not the I-Store.

        • Jackson Joshua

          Indian Government regulations requires that branded stores must source 30 percent of their stock from Indian companies which Apple cannot do since Apple already has global supply manufacturing units in China and US already. But they have road maps ahead on this.

        • Apple Rules

          DUDE, they all are franchise not the apple store you moron.

          Before pointing someone as dumb check your iq you idiot, none of the apple store throughout the world has name in form of istore , iworld , imagine etc etc.


        • Sudheer Salavadi

          They are Imagine and Reliance iStores. Not official Apple Stores. U dumbfool..

      • Not the istores. APPLE STORES like the one below

    • satish

      they planned to open it in mumbai in 2012 !later i don’t know wt happend !

    • Kanishka

      There Already are Apple stores in India
      the best is in Bengaluru

  • Rushikesh Pardeshi

    but it says only $99

    • Nilesh

      Thats with contract in US my friend, india they will sell w/o contract..

      • satish

        with out contract it will be around RS 40,000 in india ! do u think apple guys r dumb to cell for RS 7000 ( 5c ) in india market !! iphone 5 and iph 5c don’t have much diff xcept plastic body ! so don’t dream of it like chepa android mobls !

    • Harish Hopper Bhagavathula

      $99 is on a 2 year contract for U.S locked networks.. Unlocked iPhones are definitely hundreds of dollars costlier than the locked ones and so is $549 for the 5C

    • amitgb

      I really pity when people see this $99 price & think they can get it under Rs. 6500/-
      Man, this is a price in US (With Contract)…Don’t apply the conversion logic for price….Even in US, a unlocked version $549 or $649.

      • rohit

        then even here they shld hv a contract system in india! so we can buy it for 6500 Rs with 2 yrs contract with vodafone/airtel etc.

        • amitgb

          Yes sure, why not? Are you ready to get a iPhone for Rs. 6500/- with a contract for 2 years with monthly payment as $70 ??? (means Rs. 4200) ????? That is what happens in US. The monthly plan is around $60-$90

  • manav

    how much would iphone 5c & iphone 5s cost in india?

    • Abhishek Kamboj

      read tthe post man indicative prices are there..!!!

      • manav

        iphone 5c is so called as “budget phone”, then why in india its still priced at 44500 it could be arround 18000-20000

        • Chirag Vashishtha

          Because it is “apple”

        • Harish Hopper Bhagavathula

          If you check the specs again, 5C is nothing but a price drop of iphone-5.. It’s the same phone in cheap plastic and so the price difference with it..

        • Kanishka

          Oh dude
          Decided what you want
          first you run after Phones like Samsung S4 which are made of Cheaper plastic material which they call it a design to make the phone lighter
          I wont be wrong if I say weaker the phone is so freaking sensitive that it breaks into Two pieces .
          SO when apple saw people running for Such Cheap Plastics they Launch one too !

        • amitgb

          True, Even I expected it to below 25K.

        • Aditya

          Apple never called it as a cheap alternative! So why will they launch at a cheaper price!? :/

        • amitgb

          I guess the “C” stands for “Cheap” :D :D :D…kidding…

        • Chets

          Who said its officially priced at 44500?

        • Kanishka

          Why Don’t you Pay 40k for Samsung phones even they are made of plastics ?why don’t you ask them to offer it for 5k?
          it is SO called “Budget phone” cause rest models cost higher
          So for us it is a budget phone !

        • Apple Rules

          YUP, True True

          Apple didn’t said that its a budget phone. It was media who was anticipating things