iPhone 5s and 5c to be Available on 2 Year Contract basis With Reliance, no Initial Cost for 16 GB Variant

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iPhone 5s and 5c to be Available on 2 Year Contract basis With Reliance, no Initial Cost for 16 GB Variant

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Apple and Reliance are offering iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at no initial cost, Apple has signed a deal with Reliance Communications which will allow users to buy the new iPhone 5s and 5c 16 GB variants at no initial cost.

This offer will include some benefits from Reliance, as it will feature unlimited voice calls, SMS and 3G data for a fixed monthly fee which will be between 2,500 and Rs 2,800 INR. The users will be locked into Reliance network under a two-year of contract. Having said that, this is the first time an Indian telecom company is selling an iPhone on contract basis. Indian telecom market has always been away of contract based phones, fearing that subscribers may break the contract by unlocking the phone for use on another operators network or for reselling it in the grey market.

The 16 GB iPhone 5C, priced at 41,900 INR, will be available for a monthly fee of 2,500 INR and the the 5S, priced at 53,500 INR will be on offer for approximately 2,800 INR a month. Whereas, the 32 GB version will come with an upfront fee of 10,000 INR in addition to the monthly charges. The 64 GB model, priced at 71,500 INR without contract, will be on offer for an upfront fee of Rs 18,000 and the monthly fee.

If you do not wish to lock into a contract, the phone will also be available in monthly installments, however reliance has added up benefits like unlimited voice calling and data plans along with the contract of two years. Even other telecom company will sell iPhone 5s and 5c starting today but not on subsidy.

This can surely increase sales for the new iPhone’s in the Indian market. What do you think ?


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  • Arvind Nedumaran

    its gsm

  • Kartik Sharma

    but you get unlimited 3G, calling, SMS etc

  • saptarsshi

    I believe the carrier subsidized devices are only for credit card holders hence a million customer lost already , lol , cheers !

  • ?????? ??????????

    5C will cost after 24 months will be around 60k… its not the worthy deal…

  • Yasser Vw

    iphone here i come

  • Nishant Thakur

    My dream to have Iphone begins here !

  • Salman Inay

    That’s awesome!

  • Narender Reddy

    Is it CDMA or GSM?? if its CDMA then its a bakwaas deal
    I think many would prefer if there’s a same deal in AIRTEL than RELIANCE..

  • sai7ram

    the best thing i have heard in igyaan :D made my day :)

  • Akash Kothawale

    Pushakar, Kunal decent offer? Don’t think so.

  • Mohammed Udaipurwala


  • Aliasgar Barodawala

    Yasser Vw Mohammed Udaipurwala

  • Anmol Beri

    thats good to know

  • groveranuj

    The Monthly pricing seems high.. and not many people prefer Reliance so i hope other carries to follow ! The Indian market is highly pricing based & the iPhone 5s/c are prices above the skies!! I was so hoping to get a 64gb 5s and would have happily paid around 60k ! but 72 K is just unquestionable and in India one does not want to get stuck with a service provider for 2 years when you know most of them just cheat! And with Nexus5 coming with those superb specification at just half the price.. iphone will have a tough competition !! I’ve been on iOS since 2009 but with the new pricing structure… I might just have to rethink !

  • Jidesh C

    preferred AIRTEL to offer this

  • Jidesh C

    Jishnu Nair will enquirer and get the phone :-P

  • Bilal Ahmed

    Faraz Khan vodafone

  • Faraz Khan

    Reliance network sucks here. Hope it is offered by some other carriers as well.

  • Satya Prakash

    but i i thing increase ka contract duration to deacrease ka monthly chage near about 1000 per month is good option for every one

  • Saksham Sharma

    Himanshu Bhasin

  • Sukrit Kumar

    LOL Know getting it

  • Darshan Devarajaiah

    Now im definitely buying 5s

  • Kunal Mehta

    over priced :S

  • Jishnu Nair

    Jidesh C Take a look at this.

  • Kumarjit Saha

    over priced

  • Vetri Velan

    tats osm