This App ‘Shuffles’ the Spam Out of Your Life

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This App ‘Shuffles’ the Spam Out of Your Life

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Tired of picking up spam calls and receiving undesired emails? We’ve all had unwanted calls and emails. As a solution, a new mobile app has been developed by Shuffle Ventures, Inc. for filtering out such problems.

This app, called Shuffle, lets you create additional and temporary phone numbers that is directly integrated with your iPhone and can be used to call, text or receive voicemails. The virtual number works in harmony with the native phone number, thus allowing you to call or text from both without any hassle.

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If a phone number became discredited by spammers or telemarketers, you could just delete it, and no one can reach you on that number again.

The newest update of this app is the ability to create your email aliases that can filter your spam mail from your main inbox. The ID can easily be used for public mail subscriptions.

Primarily, you can set up different “shuffle” numbers and emails for your personal and social connections, work colleagues, other secondary businesses, dating services, job searches, social networking sites, etc.

Charges for a single number per month are $1.99, and you have the option of renewing it. If yes, then the number is charged per call transaction.

For now, this app can be downloaded on iTunes, and we can expect an Android version in the coming few months. Worth the wait!

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