Rumours Suggest, Apple Plans to Remove the Home Button on its iPhone

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Rumours Suggest, Apple Plans to Remove the Home Button on its iPhone

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Apple is reportedly working on an iPhone design that will remove the iconic home button. A recent post on the website, AppleInsider, claims that the company is planning to replace the home button with a virtual one. The website also claims that the redesign wouldn’t take place for at least two years and may not be seen in the next version of the iPhone.


Apple has made Touch ID, its fingerprint recognition feature, available on every device launched since iPhone 5s. The company has integrated Touch ID onto many of its services and is developing more uses for it. As a result, it will not ditch the feature in favour of a virtual home button, just yet.

To make the virtual home button possible, Apple is working on integrating Touch ID into the iPhone’s display. According to AppleInsider, patents have been filed which would allow people to scan their fingerprints on the display itself. If the company is successful in integrating Touch ID onto the display, the home button could be replaced by an on-screen button. Until then, Apple’s plan of having a virtual home button remains long-term.

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