Sales Numbers of iOS Devices Make Us Question the Requirement of PCs

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Sales Numbers of iOS Devices Make Us Question the Requirement of PCs

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We have more proof that history repeats itself – after Android phone sales surpassed those of Windows computers in 2012, an analyst has estimated that the same thing will  happen again, this time, it will be iOS devices instead of Android. As ZDNet reports it, an analyst has tweeted a trailing 12-month chart of iOS and PC sales using data from various companies.

If you look at the graph closely, you will see that while PC sales increased post June 2009, right when Microsoft introduced Windows 7 and experienced a sharp decline post June 2012, when Microsoft introduced Windows 8, a well-intentioned but misfired attempt for cross platform OS. At the same time, Apple introduced iPhone 4S, which set a precedent for future iPhone designs and was a notable improvement over iPhone 3GS. Not to forget, iOS 5 achieved what Microsoft tried to – cross platform OS for the iPad, iPhone and iPod.


Moreover, over the years, developers and manufacturers have made phones and tablets suitable for tasks that required PCs. For example, you can now create and edit a PowerPoint Presentation on your phone, a task which required a PC in earlier times. Apps like Instagram and Pixlr allow users to edit their photos at a basic level, WordPress’ app allows you to manage your blog on the go and more such apps have made it possible to ditch the PC for basic tasks. Still, the PC won’t be extinct right away, as there is still some use for it.

Microsoft still has a chance to beat Apple at its cross-platform game, when it rolls out Windows 10 next week. It seems Microsoft has learned from its mistakes; Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and can hopefully regain its position as the leader of the PC market.

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