Here’s How You Can Have a Dual-SIM Feature Even On Your iPhone 6

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Here’s How You Can Have a Dual-SIM Feature Even On Your iPhone 6

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The Apple iPhones seem to be very efficient in every respect, except for the fact that they do not ever come with a dual-SIM feature. This may or may not be a huge factor for many people, but there are  a select few perhaps,s who would like to use just one phone for their work as well as their personal calls/messages/emails.

iphone 6 piece kickstarter

Kickstarter has the perfect solution to your problems, if you are in the latter category of users. They aim to launch a product called Piece that allow the iPhone 6 and other older iPhone models to handle two different SIMs on one phone.

The gadget is small enough to fit in a wallet, without jutting out and can connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth. It is said to have a slot for your second SIM and has a battery that lasts for up to 150 hours.

To activate this, there is a special iOS app that lets you manage the Piece SIM. This device also allows you to locate your handset when the two devices are more than 30 feet apart. So in case you forget to carry your Piece, your iPhone automatically beeps, in order to remind you that you’re forgetting something important and vice versa in case you leave your iPhone – then your Piece starts beeping.

The campaign has is around the corner and has already amassed a healthy amount of $35,000. The device is small and affordable at $70, that is, around Rs.4,533, and is said to start shipping sometime around September.

The Piece is also compatible with Android devices and will also release an Apple Watch App as soon as it crosses $100,000 in funding.

Watch the Kickstarter video below:

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