iPhone 6s Rose Gold is the Most Popular Option for Pre-Orders

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iPhone 6s Rose Gold is the Most Popular Option for Pre-Orders

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With hours to go before the launch of the iPhone 6s, pre-orders are rising. It seems that the iPhone 6s Rose Gold model is the most popular iPhone right now with most pre-orders for that variant having already stopped on most e-commerce sites.

iPhone 6s Rose Gold

Initially, the Rose Gold variant was met with lukewarm reactions right after the Apple event. But the pre-orders tell a different story. Flipkart has already stopped pre-orders for the Rose Gold flavour. Other sites will soon follow since the Rose Gold variant is seeking a massive popularity around the world.

iPhone 6s

One reason behind the popularity might be that Apple fans have grown tired of the usual colours that come with every new iPhone and the Rose Gold is a pleasing sight. The Rose Gold colour is unique to iPhone 6s, so far. Other smartphone makers are aware of the craze behind this colour and are trying to come out with their own Rose Gold variants as well. One example is the upcoming HTC One A9 phone which will have a Rose Gold variant along with the traditional Space Grey and White.

This could signal other smartphone makers to experiment with different hues now. However Apple brought acceptance to the Gold colour a few years back and now it looks like Rose Gold will be the colour of choice in the next years.


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