Oppo’s New Handset Seems Heavily ‘Inspired’ by the iPhone 6 Plus

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Oppo’s New Handset Seems Heavily ‘Inspired’ by the iPhone 6 Plus

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After design overlaps between HTC’s One A9 and iPhone 6, looks like Oppo has also joined the league with its new smartphone. As hardware leaks of Oppo’s latest addition to the world of smartphones emerge, we see a device with a metal uni-body which looks very similar like that of the iPhone 6 Plus.

HTC had given its device a dash of originality by placing its camera in the centre of the back of the phone. Oppo, on the other hand, has refused to be too creative with its design -its camera is located exactly where it is in an iPhone. The only thing different is the orientation of the LED flash.Oppos iPhone inspired phone

To add this, there are also other identical features which include a bottom-firing speaker grille, headphone jack and port for charging, all positioned on the underside of the phone.

What is this charm of Apple that has captivated both consumers and manufacturers all over? Whether you hate it or love it, or love to hate or hate to love it -either way it’s hard to ignore the presence the Apple in the tech world. Do you think the design of the iPhone is actually as popular as all other companies are making it out to be?

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