Over 40% Dissatisfied Apple Watch Users Still Willing to Buy the Next Gen Model

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Over 40% Dissatisfied Apple Watch Users Still Willing to Buy the Next Gen Model

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A survey conducted by Wristly has revealed Apple Watch users to be largely dissatisfied with their new gadget. The Watch has failed to perform on many fronts and is being touted as a bad choice especially in terms of speed.

A survey of 330 unhappy users of the Apple Watch revealed that 55% of them tried using the device for a fortnight or more to see if they could get a hang of it, but to no avail. The Watch is not only slow, according to the participants, but also hard to use. The constant need to tilt it in order to get the time is another feature that didn’t go down well with the users. Apple Watch 02

This survey is definitely not winning Apple many customers, especially in India where Motorola launched its Moto 360 2nd Gen today. Looks like customers in the country are likely to give the Apple gizmo a pass now.

Moto 360 Gen 2 8

Moto 360 2nd Gen

However, having said that, it should be pointed out that about 41% of the survey participants accepted they are likely to buy the 2nd gen variant of the Apple Watch. Reasons behind this can only be speculated as perhaps evaluation of the Watch from a technological point of view, or some sort of brand loyalism Apple is infamous for generating in its customers.

Either way, looks like the market offers tough competition to both the Motorola as well as the Apple smartwatch. Which one would you rather prefer?

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