Has Apple Given Up on its Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Software?

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Has Apple Given Up on its Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Software?

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You may be familiar with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X video editing software that was touted as quite a breakthrough in the software world. However, after its launch four years ago, the software has earned the complete opposite title for itself. It has come to be a software that video editors love to hate. Quite rightly so, as the Final Cut Pro X focused a lot less on professional photography than it was supposed to.

Missing features and issues essential to professional video production in FCPX included lack of edit decision list (EDL), XML and Open Media Framework Interchange (OMF) support, inability to import projects created in previous releases of Final Cut Pro, and a lack of a multicam editing tool (which it tried to fix in later updates), among other things.

final Cut Pro

Basically, the software was so maligned by the public that its very own creator, Apple, has now refused to endorse its use internally. In a job listing for Assistant Editor under Beats by Dre, the Final Cut Pro X software seems to be completely missing from the positions required skills and know-how.

Final Cut Pro 01

Judging by this, it looks like Apple has finally called it a day with its software, which is currently lying under a layer of dust. But Apple may not forget about the software entirely, and will likely have to do something about it in the near future. Whether the Cupertino company will go for a complete overhaul or return with minor updates is unknown.

Via: The Verge

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