iPhone of the Future To Be Self Healing

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iPhone of the Future To Be Self Healing

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According to reports, Apple Inc, has pretty interesting, and possibly ground breaking plans in works for its future iPhones. The Cupertino based tech giant, famous for its innovation, and creativity, has been granted patents for some really cool ideas.

Apple, has plans of bringing to life what seem to be iPhones that could heal, and clean themselves while you sleep peacefully in your bed.The newly granted patents reveal a system to fix dead pixels on a screen, and even dry the handset’s speaker and internal components all without human intervention.

Waterproof iPhone 7

The idea is for the phone to run an automatic, screen diagnostic overnight which last a couple of hours while you sleep to help fix issues of dead pixels. The smartphone will also run other diagnostics while you sleep, like testing the camera, as well as checking on the handset’s components to make sure your phone is able to connect to the internet properly, make calls and send texts.

The patent also has information on how the phone will deal with a situation in which it has been accidentally dunked in a drink. Showcasing intelligence beyond its processing power, the future iPhone would wait until you take it somewhere loud, like a concert,  and then play a special tone that would expel the water stuck in the speaker grill.

Such fancy ideas by Apple would only result in greater customer satisfaction, and hence increased sales. After-all, none of us like the dreaded visit to the repair centre. Do we?

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