Unboxing The Apple Watch Series 3

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Unboxing The Apple Watch Series 3

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On September 12th, where all the attention was on the new bezel-less iPhone X, a new product grabbed a lot of eyeballs as well. The Apple Watch Series 3 was unveiled by Tim Cook at the Steve Jobs Theatre and its celular connectivity makes it an interesting option for iPhone users. It essentially means that you can use the Apple Watch even if you forget your iPhone at home thanks to the SIM card inside the watch. Let’s quickly unbox the Apple Watch Series 3 and see what we get inside:

  • Apple Watch
  • Extra pair of straps
  • Documentation
  • Charging brick
  • Magnetic charging cable

The new Apple Watch Series 3 has an improved heart rate sensor and a SIM card slot. This has resulted in a 0.2mm thickness increment which is commendable. The watch seems a little hefty but feels comfortable on the wrist. The Apple Watch we have has a gold colour accent.

The new and advanced heart rate sensor wherein the watch will notify an increased heart rate if you’re not active. In the new Apple Watch, the number will remain the same as your iPhone and you can perform tasks such as iMessage directly from your watch without having your smartphone connected to it. The Apple Watch Series 3 will also stream 40 million songs from the iTunes and the Music App. The Siri on the smartwatch will also be voice enabled for communication with the watch without looking at the screen. The display of the watch will act as an antenna and an electronic SIM card which is smaller than a nano SIM card. The smartwatch has a dual-core processor to carry out all the tasks. The smartwatch will run Apple Watch OS 4 out of the box and has a battery life of up to 18 hours, Apple claims. The new W2 chip inside delivers 85 percent faster Wi-Fi while also being 50 percent more power efficient, which will be crucial because of the cellular connectivity feature using up more battery than usual.

The Apple Watch Series 3 in India will be available in the GPS only variant and start at a price of Rs 29900.

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