Repairing An iPhone X May Cost Up To US $549

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Repairing An iPhone X May Cost Up To US $549

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The Apple iPhone X went up for pre-orders across the globe and was sold out in minutes. The demand for the iPhone X was never in question but, looking at the steep pricing, it was speculated that a lot of people might hold off from buying the iPhone X and wait for at least a year and then upgrade to the 2018 variant. Apple has revealed its new repair policies for the iPhone X and it might just influence the buyers into paying an extra US $199 for Apple Care.

The company has updated its flat-fee repair pricing page to show that a screen-only repair will cost US $279, and all other damage will cost a whopping US $549 which is more than half the purchase cost of the 64GB variant. Percentage-wise, the cost is in line with Apple’s repair cost for other iPhone models. The iPhone 8, for example, costs US $699 for the 64GB variant, and a repair will cost you US $349. With AppleCare+, the prices are reduced to US $29 for a screen repair, and US $99 for anything else. The catch here is the cost of AppleCare+ which will run you a steep US $199 for the iPhone X.

If you are clumsy and do not want AppleCare+, make sure you use a tough case and never break it.

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