Samsung Mocks The iPhone X Notch And Other iPhone Things In New Advertisement

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Samsung Mocks The iPhone X Notch And Other iPhone Things In New Advertisement

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Samsung and Apple are the biggest smartphone makers in the world right now, and have been for a long time. While Apple has reached this stature by launching new iPhones at a premium price year after year, Samsung has amore diverse portfolio of Android phones ranging anything from US $150 to US $950. The two companies share a lot of business but, it is no secret that they never leave a stone unturned to mock the other one. Samsung, in a new advertisement has mocked the new iPhone X and how Apple is never a company to do something first.

The 1 minute long advertisement starts off in 2007 and chronicles the going craze for the iPhone. It then shows the things the iPhone has lacked over the years like water resistance (which was first introduced in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus). The Galaxy phones are known for their big screens and until the iPhone 6 was launched, the screen size of an iPhone was either 3.5 inch or 4-inch which was relatively smaller than the Galaxy Note of that time.

Samsung continues to mock the screen size of the iPhone as well and then, exposing another pain point of an iPhone user, Samsung mocks the lack of storage expandability in the iPhone. A lot of companies has followed suit since Apple got rid of the headphone jack but, Samsung is one of the few companies who continues to keep the headphone jack in its phones. It looks like Samsung has no plans of dropping the headphone jack anytime soon as it mocks the iPhone for not having a headphone jack.

Brands are rather coy about calling out a rival brand in their ads but, Samsung has gone all out this time with this new ad campaign about ‘Upgrading to Galaxy’. A few years ago as well, Samsung mocked Apple iPhone 5’s ad and the two companies have gone back and forth, taking jibes at each other.

It will be interesting to see if Apple will respond to this ad via either social media or with an advertisement in the coming days.

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