Apple Releases CPU Throttling Fix In iOS 11.3 Beta 2

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Apple Releases CPU Throttling Fix In iOS 11.3 Beta 2

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Back in December 2017, Apple invoked a collective ‘gasp’ around the world. Following many conspiracy theories around why older iPhones get slower, Apple came out to clear the air. It accepted that it does indeed make older iPhones slower. However, the reasons the company gave were nowhere the near the conclusions that came out of some mindboggling theories.

Apple said that with time, iPhone batteries become weak, hence, it slows down the CPU speed in order to elongate the battery life. After the backlash, Tim Cook conceded that Apple would soon release a feature wherein users would have the option of choosing. A user can choose whether to slow down their iPhone or let it run normally and risk shutdowns.

In the latest Beta build of iOS 11.3, Apple has released the feature. The new feature is contained within a new “Battery Health” menu. The page has two fields: Maximum Capacity, which shows what percentage of the original charge the battery can still hold; and Peak Performance Capacity, which tells users if their phone’s performance is being throttled due to the battery.

As of now, there aren’t any options to change anything on the menu. For context, Maximum Capacity should be at 100% for new phones, and it should fall down to around 80% after about two years of normal usage. As the battery health decreases, the option will read differently.

For example, the Peak Performance Capability will read differently once the battery has aged:

This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power. Performance management has been applied to help prevent this from happening again.

Ever since Apple accepted to slowing down older iPhones, consumers and national governments have reacted. Apple has been sued by multiple consumers. One such lawsuit was filed by Stefan Bogdanovich and Dakota Speas, the suit claims that Apple’s deliberate effort to throttle CPU performance on the iPhone amounts to “breach of contract.” It also notes that Apple’s behaviour lowers the resale value of existing iPhones and underhandedly coerces iPhone owners to upgrade to newer models.

The feature to disable CPU throttling is expected to make its way to iOS 11.3 stable build soon.

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