Apple iPhones And iPads Might Get A New Type Of Charging Port

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Apple iPhones And iPads Might Get A New Type Of Charging Port

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For years, Apple’s iOS devices have come with a lightning port for charging and data syncing. In fact, it has been the only port on an iPhone since 2016 after the company ditched the headphone jack. While the rest of the smartphone makers are making a switch to the USB Type C port for all their devices, Apple might have different plans.

A leaked patent has revealed that the company might introduce a new type of charging port for its upcoming iPhones. The new charging port will be wedge-shaped for better water resistance while charging. The new port will have a wedge-shaped pin and a rubber gasket. This arrangement will squeeze to create a vacuum, making the charging port water and dustproof.

It is worth noting that the same arrangement has been applied to the USB Type C ports found on the company’s laptops. If this does happen to be a legitimate plan, it won’t be surprising. In fact, it was surprising to see Apple go the Qi standard route for its iPhone X. Everyone expected a proprietary technology of wireless charging as well.


Many have called for Apple to switch to USB Type C ports for its iOS devices. Apple has already made its laptop lineup almost only USB Type C so it makes sense for the company to do it with its iOS devices. This will play well into Apple’s ecosystem as well. People who own a MacBook and an iPhone could only carry a single cable to charge their devices.


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