Apple Launch Event Today : Everything You Need To Know

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Apple Launch Event Today : Everything You Need To Know

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One of the most anticipated events of 2018 is right around the corner. Apple’s September 12th event is what is on everyone’s mind and the new iPhone range is due to take centre stage. Apart from this, Apple is also rumoured to unveil the AirPods 2 and the Apple Watch 4 and possibly some more devices.

Launch Event:

The Apple Launch event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theatre on 12th September at 10:00 AM PDT. This converts to 10:30 PM Indian Standard timeThis is 6:00 PM in the United Kingdom, 9:00 PM in UAE and 3:00 AM in Australia. The event can also be live streamed using various methods.

Those owning any apple device such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iPod can view it on the Apple TV app. The event can also be live-streamed on Safari and Microsoft Edge for Windows users.


The iPhone lineup for this year is arguably the most exciting thing about the event. Apple is bound to take a few steps to ensure the growth of its smartphone sales. Which have started to see a slight decline after the initial buzz of the iPhone X. The only solution which will help Apple out of that situation is to expand its customer base.

Via Spigen

For years, Apple stuck to manufacturing devices and delivering it to consumers. Unlike other manufacturers, Apple doesn’t focus much on market trends and what the consumers exactly want. They focused on bringing the best experience for users, but users never got much of a say in it. This might have started pinching them a little but as Apple is now looking to change their approach and cater to consumers.

We expect to see 3 variants of the iPhone which will cover a wide range of features, sizes and price. The devices will be called the iPhone Xs, the iPhone Xs Plus and the iPhone XC, according to reports. The iPhone Xs and Xs Plus will feature the same design as the iPhone X and will have OLED screens. The iPhone XC on the other hand, will feature an LCD display.


The sole reason for Apple to go in for the iPhone XC is to try to expand their market by offering a cheaper version of the iPhone. So lets find out all the rumours about these devices:


The iPhone Xs will sport a 5.8 inch screen while the iPhone Xs Plus has a 6.5 inch display. Both the devices sport a notch and design elements drawn majorly from the iPhone X. They will sport OLED displays and with glass bodies and stainless steel casing.


The cheaper, 6.1 inch iPhone XC on the other hand sports an LCD display. The display design is also based on the iPhone X. The device will sporting a glass body with an aluminium casing. The major design difference with the iPhone XC and the other two variants is the presence of only a single camera on the back.

All three of the devices will reportedly not have a Touch ID button and will fully depend on Face ID for its security. It is also rumoured that Apple will discontinue the 3D touch feature on the devices.


The highlight of the new series of iPhones is the A12 bionic chipset from Apple. This is supposed to be a step up from the existing A11 bionic chip, which is already one of the fastest and most efficient chipsets out there. This is due to the manufacturing process behind the A12 chipset. The A12 chip uses the 7nm process as compared to the A11’s 10 nm process. This reduces the size of the transistors in the chip, allowing more transistors to fit into the same space. Therefore allowing for a better, smoother performance.

The A12 reportedly offers an increase in multi-core usability, supposed to bring up multi-core performance by 25-30%.  The GPU performance is reported to have an even higher increment at 40%. This might not directly translate to gaming performance, according to experts. Analysts predict a real time number of around 25%. The A12 chip also gives a big boost to AI and machine learning. This will incorporate with the operating system to give better battery performance and camera results, according to reports.


Alleged iPhone XC spotted


It is highly improbable that we will see a triple camera setup on the  new iPhone. Reports indicate an improved sensor on the dual camera setup on the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus. Renders and leaks also reveal that the iPhone XC will however, only have a single rear camera. The camera sensors will be an improvement over last year’s devices in all senses. There will be better low light performance and enhanced AI integration to offer support in the portrait mode of the devices.


All the three variants might have improved battery performance, more importantly they should. A flagship device in 2018 should meet numerous requirements to live up to tis name. One of the most important ones is a better battery life. It is obvious that the 6.5 inch iPhone Xs Plus will house a high battery, given its size and the demand from its display unit.  Apart from this, the A12 bionic chipset will ensure better optimisation and longer battery life. Reports also suggest that Apple has worked on improving the idle battery life of the iPhones.


Price & Other Features:

Recent leaks also show that the devices will have dual SIM capabilities. The pricing of the devices is expected to cover a larger area so as to cater to a bigger consumer base. The iPhone XC is reported to be priced at CNY 5,888 which is around Rs 62,000. The iPhone XS is listed at CNY 7,388 and the iPhone XS Plus is at CNY 8,388 which are around Rs 77,980 and Rs 88,535 respectively.


iPad Pro:

The iPad Pro is expected to launch in a 12.9 inch and 10.5 inch variant. Numerous leaks and renders based on the said leaks have given us a fair idea about what the device may look like. The new iPad Pro will reportedly sport a sharper, bezel less design. We can also see the absence of a home button which could mean that the device is getting Face ID and that we won’t see touch ID anymore. However, the device will have to be vertical whenever you use Face ID as it doesn’t work horizontally.

It is also reported that the devices will sport an LCD display and not an OLED panel which is a bit disappointing. The iPad Pro will use the new A12X chipset and have 4 GB of RAM, according to reports. Storage will be variable, with options going up to 512 GB.
The iPad Pro will reportedly continue to offer Apple Pencil support and the smaller bezels will mean we will see a smaller device, despite the same screen size. The device is also rumoured to be dumping the lightning port to make way for a USB Type-C port.

The iPad Pro is expected to launch at Rs 54,999 for the 10.2 inch variant and Rs 64,999 for the 12.9 inch variant.


Apple Watch 4:

Latest reports suggest that Apple will be launching six brand new Apple Watch 4 models at the upcoming event. It is also reported that the devices will all sport ceramic backs and could possibly support LTE.


The device is also said to sport thinner bezels and will reportedly support electrocardiography (ECG) for advanced health tracking. The thinner bezels mean that we will get to see a larger display on a device the same size. The larger display can house more information and better optimisation of apps.


AirPods 2 & AirPower:

According to multiple reports, Apple is coming up with a successor to the already successful AirPods. The devices are said to sport a series of new features which will enhance the experience further. It is said that we will be able to summon Siri through the “Hey Siri” command rather than tapping the sides of the AirPods. Another widely expected feature is that of the launch of Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat. This is highly relevant to the AirPods as it is rumoured that the AirPods 2 will support wireless charging.

And that’s not it, the new AirPods 2 are reported to support noise cancellation as well. Adding to this list is a report that they will be splash proof but not entirely waterproof.



We may be witness to the launch of an upgraded version of the MacBook. However, it is not clear whether this would replace the current 12 inch MacBook or whether it will be a totally different lineup. The new MacBook is reported to have a Touch ID sensor. The MacBook will also lack a TouchBar which we had seen in the MacBook Pro.

Certain speculations about an upgraded version of the MacBook Air is also doing the rounds, but this doesn’t seem too probable in the near future. Following the release of thinner, bezel less laptops at the IFA 2018, Apple might be looking as the new MacBook as an answer to the same.


With a wide range of products expected to be launched at this event, the level of excitement is higher than ever. With the power to change the course of the smartphone market, its time for Apple’s next big move.


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