Indian Origin Student Destroys 51,000 $ Worth Computers In US With A USB Killer

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Indian Origin Student Destroys 51,000 $ Worth Computers In US With A USB Killer

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An MBA graduate from the College of St. Rose in Albany, New York has been found guilty of destroying computer systems worth over US $ 51,000. The wrongdoer named Vishwanath Akuthota used a device called USB Killer which is originally intended to check surge protection. The offender who belongs to the state of Andhra Pradesh was visiting his alma mater after completing his studies back in the year 2017.

The devices that were damaged by him include 7 Apple computers,  59 Windows computers and multiple monitors. The total damage is estimated to be worth over US $ 58,000 which include equipment worth US $ 51,000 and repair or installation cost of US $ 7,300. The culprit had filmed himself while killing the machines which were later used to backtrack him and as evidence of the crime. 

What Is A USB Killer?

A USB Killer is a compact electronic device which looks identical to a thumb drive but it consists of several electronic capacitors which can be charged via the current from the connected device. The device once charged, outputs a high voltage current which is capable of rendering the unprotected device unusable. A USB killer is a legally purchasable device which is designed to test the surge protection of various electronic goods.

However, a USB killer can only harm devices which can receive electric current. The devices which are equipped with components that prevent the reception of current would go unharmed to such killer USB drives. Noteworthy, these devices are completely legal and can be ordered from Amazon with a simple click. 

Penance On The Offender

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The former student has been found guilty to numerous charges and is liable to US $ 2,50,000 in fines. Reports state that the offender might even be sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. 

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