Apple Shifts Mac Pro Production From US To China

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Apple Shifts Mac Pro Production From US To China

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At the Apple WWDC 19 event, which was held in the month of June, the company announced its latest Mac Pro computer which is designed for pro consumers, professionals and movie makers. Before the launch of the current gen computer, all Mac Pro machines completed their final assembly in the USA at the Austin, Texas assembly line.

But with the new Mac Pro, Apple is shifting the last stage of assembly of these high-end computers from the United States to China. Noteworthy, even if the last generation Mac Pro was assembled in its home country, components used in it were manufactured in several countries.

According to reports, this effort could help reduce costs related to shipping components to the United States for the last production step. Nevertheless, Apple has partnered with Quanta Computer in China which will be held responsible for finalising assembly of the 2019 Mac Pro future onwards. Users who are unaware can read about the new Mac Pro below:

Apple Mac Pro

The Apple Mac Pro is a considerably larger machine in comparison to its predecessor, it measures 529 X 450 x 218 mm and tip the scale at 18 KG. It has two steel handles on top which can be used to easily relocate the computer. The case can also be fitted with optional wheels to enable mobility of the system.

According to the company, the new computer offers state-of-the-art cooling with three large fans which can disperse 300 cubics of feet per minute. This will allow the processor and other components to run at maximum power without thermal throttling.

The latest Apple Mac Pro can be configured with the 28 core Intel Xeon processor with 300W of power. In terms of memory, the Mac Pro supports up to 1.5TB of RAM, which can be divided between six-channel memory across 12 DIMM slots (Dual In-Line Memory Module). The machine has eight built-in PCI Express slots which can be used to install upgrades as the need of the user.

The Mac Pro includes 2 USB-C which can also double up as Thunderbolt 3 ports and two USB-A ports that are present on the front of the case. For wireless connectivity, it also has 802.11 ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0

The components of the Mac Pro are powered by a 1400W power supply unit (PSU) which can even compensate for additional components that the user may add in the future. The computer starts at a price of US $ 6000 and it will start shipping later this year. 

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All in all, the new Mac Pro is an absolute beast of a computer. However, Apple needs to make sure that the product sells at a profit rather than burning a hole in its pocket. Therefore the move of shifting its production to China from the US that has significantly higher labour costs can be justified. 

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