Samsung Is Developing A Smartphone With Expandable Display

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Samsung Is Developing A Smartphone With Expandable Display

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Samsung has been working on developing unique smartphones with flexible displays for years now. The company’s first commercially available foldable device arrived as the Galaxy Fold. However, the device had failed even before it had launched due to fundamental functional flaws within its design. Reports have since surfaced state that the tech giant is already planning on other foldable devices and now even an expandable display smartphone.


The South Korean company has already patented the expandable display designs for a laptop. Furthermore, The latest patent showcases a unique new design for the upcoming rollable display smartphone. Schematics of the device show a retractable flexible display on a smartphone. The screen on this device is capable of being pulled out via a rolling mechanism, which may be automatic. Once fully extended the device will see a three times growth in screen size.

The mechanism is enabled through a combination of moving rails with Samsung’s flexible screen. Basically, one can carry the device in a compact form factor until they eventually require it. The phone will look like any other modern handset once in its smaller state although with rounded corners. The rollable smartphone has noticeable bezels on the top and bottom that house the necessary sensors like camera, earpiece and fingerprint scanner. These wide borders will also house the motor that runs the rolling mechanism.

The frame of the rolling mechanism flank the left and right side and also provide a grip for when users unroll the phone. When seen from the back, supporting rails are revealed when the Samsung device is completely extended. The rails should provide support for the moving mechanism while fitting into slots perfectly, making it appear seamless. It is sceptical just how practical the system will be in real-world practice; as dust and wear and tear may negatively affect the system. Damage or bends on any of the rail will also cause it to be imperfect and not fall back into place correctly once retracted.


The smartphones design form factor will allow for a great content viewing experience for the user. If the device is unveiled one of the notable things offered would be a better multi-media consumption via Samsung’s vibrant AMOLED panels. The company has yet to make any statement on any one of its many patents that have shown such unique designs or functionality. 


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The implications of such technology are huge. Products like these pave the way for industry-wide innovation that pushes the limits of technology. A couple of years ago technology such as these were unthinkable, now they are becoming a part of our reality. Soon, Samsung would again bring revolutionary devices to the electronics industry. Unfortunately, a due date, price and any other form of specifications cannot be discerned currently. Updates will be posted as and when they are available.

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