Apple To Launch An Exclusive iPhone For China Without Face ID

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Apple To Launch An Exclusive iPhone For China Without Face ID

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In addition to the US, China has been one of the biggest markets for Apple’s iPhone. However, in the last couple of quarters, the demand for the premium smartphones have gone down in the south Asian country. The chief reason behind the slumping sales in the country is the trade tension between the two biggest nations, Apple and China. Additionally, local OEMs have also managed to captivate the segment by offering the sheer number of features on their devices. 

To arrest the declining sales of iPhone in the country, Apple will reportedly launch an exclusive variant of the premium smartphone which will be limited to China. According to source, the China-only iPhone variant will be more affordable than the global variant which will allow it to better compete with the previously mentioned devices from local companies.

iPhone Face ID

Face ID

Apart from the lower price tag, the design of the Chinese variant and global variant of the 2019 iPhone will be identical. However, the key difference between the two variants lies beneath the surface. The former will do away with the Face ID feature, instead, it will have an under-display fingerprint sensor which has become a common sighting on the premium to mid-range Android phones.

All iPhone models that support Face ID must have an expensive component which is called structured light laser emitter. Accordingly, Apple might get rid of the Face ID components which will help the company to reduce the cost of the 2019 iPhone. This cost reduction strategy corresponds with the Chinese poll that questioned, “In Display Fingerprint Scannerwhich aspect can Apple optimize in iPhone”.

Over 2,00,000 netizens from the country participated in the polls and a whopping 70 percent of participants chose the “price” factor. This was followed by the battery which was selected by about 20 percent of all the participants. Therefore, it is evident that Chinese consumers want to purchase an iPhone but steep prices are hampering its sales.

Also, the comparatively higher adoption of the under-screen fingerprint sensor has significantly reduced its costs. Hence, Apple can use this mode of the biometric sensor instead of Face ID. Besides, all other features on the Chinese variant will be similar to the global variant which can be found here

iPhone XI R

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Amidst all reports and predictions, we feel Apple is unlikely to launch an affordable iPhone which is limited to a given area. In order to get the precise details of the upcoming smartphones, we will have to wait patiently as they are expected to launch in September. 

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