Another Day, Apple Watch Saves Yet Another Man’s Life

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Another Day, Apple Watch Saves Yet Another Man’s Life

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Apple Watch which was originally intended as an extended accessory to the iPhone has turned into a lot more. The smartwatch with built-in health-related sensors like a heart rate monitor (HRM) has saved a significant number of lives in the past.

Likewise, a 48 year old Brit named, Paul Hutton received a life-saving surgery after his Apple Watch notified him of irregular heartbeat pattern which would frequently drop below 40 bpm (beats per minute). For reference, the heart rate of a healthy human ranges between 60 bpm and 100 bpm.Apple Watch Series 4

When the Apple Watch notified him for the first time, the man visited a general practitioner who apparently diagnosed him with low heart rate. In order to resolve the issue, he cut down on caffeine. Nevertheless, his Apple Watch which was upgraded in 2017 continued to send notifications.

Following continuous warnings from the wearable device, he has referred him to a consultant who diagnosed him of a potentially life-threatening condition called, ventricular bigeminy. Readers who are unaware, this condition is referred to as a problematic heart rhythm in which there are repeated rhythmic heartbeats, one long and one shorter. This irregular heart-pumping action can lead to the improper blood supply to vital organs of the body.

The sufferer has since undergone a complex surgery that has supposedly fixed the underlying health issue. Though he continues to use his Apple Watch and perhaps will use it even in the future.

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To sum it up, technology has actually come a long way and devices like Apple Watch are of great use in saving precious lives. 

What is your take on health-related technology and gadgets? If you use any such gadgets yourself, do let us know in the comments below.

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